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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

I can be reached everywhere.
YM. Plurk. E-mail. Facebook. Twitter. Friendster. Multiply. Tumblr.

say anything like you mean it.

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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This Sunday was my Bringing-back-my-social-life Day.
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Bringing-back-my-social-life Day. Have I lost my social life when I started to work? Unfortunately, definitely, YES. HAHA. :))


Please watch this video.

Tornado rips through 2 Bulacan towns

I noticed Gerwin was online so I bugged him. Haha. (BTW, it was his 21st birthday on the 15th. Did you greet him? Hehe.) He then told me that a tornado had conquered two busy towns of Bulacan: Guiguinto and Balagtas.

He gave me several links but I preferred the one with the video. That's how much I really wanted to see a real tornado - as if what I can see in American shows aren't real. Haha. Good thing, DSL's back to its normal speed - it's slow, but not as slow as last week. (Click here to open the link.) The news said, that 110-kilometer-per-hour tornado that destructed about P1.2 Million worth of properties was still weak. What the heck does PAGASA say? It's still not weak? Posts and trees that had fallen down, roofs that had peeled off, people who had been hurt? Would that still be considered a weak tornado after causing too much inconvenience to people in the said towns? C'mon. (Why am I freaking out like this? HAHAHA.) Anyway, (blah-blah) after a cumulus-nimbus cloud is formed, a tornado comes to the scene. PAGASA added another item in my brain. Cool. :D

But I can prove how cheerful Filipinos really are. As I was watching the video, I saw some people who could still afford to smile and wave his hand to the camera even though he was staying beside a roof that was peeled off from a building. HAHAHA. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that. :))

Thanks, Gerwin, for sharing this one. I realized that I haven't watched the telly in a while. (Telly is a television. I learned it from Becky -- Rebecca Bloomwood, Confessions of a Shopaholic. BTW, I'm already on the 191st page of 287.)

What if I were the one who saw that? That would be fun, right? I mean, it's cool. I'd stay inside an invisible tube or bubble so I won't get hurt. HAHA. (Err. Just to clarify... I just want to see it. I don't want to experience it. There's a big difference between those terms. OK? OK?)


Got home at 3:10AM.

    → I had breakfast with my officemates.
    → I went to a simple despedida party for my cousin.
    → I met a schoolmate in Blue Wave Marquinton.
    → I met my boyfriend in Robinson's Metro East.
    → I celebrated the Feast of San Roque with my church friends.
    → I was supposed to go to Angono with Team Phoenix.
I would like to dedicate this blog to everyone who made my day worthwhile. :]

I had breakfast with my officemates.
My teammates from Team Abbie and I decided to have breakfast altogether. Originally, we were Connie, Jude, Anna, Angelbert and I. But there were quite changes; Jude couldn't come because her mom would go to Baguio and no one would take care of her baby, Anna's off. What we did was we just invited our other teammates. Finally, we had the list of who could come: Angela Solomon, Connie Cruz, Angelbert Bataller, Abe Apalit and Jim Bansuelo. The shift of Bambam Bonita and Bonbon Boniol would end at 8AM; we waited until that time so everybody would be able to come. That's how important that breakfast was. HAHA.

My tummy pets were crying out loud. We decided to eat at Yellow Cab. (Not McDonald's, not Chowking, not Mang Inasal, not Tropical Hut.) 18" Manhattan Meatlovers and Charlie Chan. In a matter of less than 30 minutes, everyone's SOLVED. *burp* No more hunger strike for my tummy pets. HAHAHA. :D

We were there about 8:10AM and we left at about 11:10AM. We just enjoyed the company of each other, shared call experiences, laughed with ourselves, and forgot there were other people in that place, too. Haha. :P

We left there with the feeling of we-will-be-having-this-kind-of-bonding-again-soon. :)

(I had my cam. It's in my bag. I just forgot about it. Bullsh*t. HAHA.)

I went to a simple despedida party for my cousin.
I am talking about my cousin, Lizel. Yea, she's my cousin. (Accept it.) She's leaving for Cayman. I knew she's leaving but I didn't know it's that soon. When I woke up last night from a two-hour sleep, I wondered why no one's at home. When my mom came back to check on me, she told me about this and I went to their house to say my farewell messages. (It was just, "Aalis ka na pala, wala man lang akong kamalay-malay! Anong oras flight mo? *Then she answered, 5:55PM pero dapat before 12NN andun na ko. Kumain ka na muna!* Ah. Naku, aalis ako eh. Sige, ingat ka na lang dun saka good luck! *Embraced her and gave my good-luck kiss.*" As simple as that. Haha. Poor me. I was speechless, you know.) Well, I wish her all the best. She deserves it. :] (I didn't even bother to say "Hi" to my Kuya who's also there. Hehe. Sorry naman, Kuya. Do you still exist? Hehe. Sorry naman ulit. HAHAHA.)

I met a schoolmate in Blue Wave Marquinton.
She's April. Fourth year IT student in UST. She was actually my batchmate in OLOPSC.

We were supposed to meet at 6:30PM but I woke up at 6:30PM. HAHAHA. My alarm clock wasn't that useful. Good thing she called. If not because of my loud ringtone, I would have not been able to wake up.

Met her at almost 7PM. We had to meet because she got something from me. We met at Starbucks Blue Wave. (If you only knew how much I wanted to go inside and get a Mocha Frappuccino. Venti. VENTI!!! Ehem...) She was going to Sta Lu and I to Rob so I told her to just come with me. On our way, we just talked about our dear professors and our Alma Mater, UST. Haha. She looks good in her new hair cut. Hehe. I like that one for her. :)

I met my boyfriend in Robinson's Metro East.
We had a simple complicated simple misunderstanding a few days ago. And I didn't want to end the week without letting him release his inis-asar-badtrip-depression-stress to me. We met in McDonald's Rob at past 7PM. Ikot ng ikot. Rob to Sta Lu. He looked for shoes. I looked for myself. HAHA. I just didn't know what to look for, actually. Haha.

We talked about it casually. As if he wanted to punch me. HAHA. But he's still sweet. (He always is. He should be. HAHAHA. Kiddin'.) Since I was going to handaan, Coke Float, Choco Sundae and Twister Fries at McDonald's made our day. :) *sweet*

Are we okay now? Yes, we are okay. I think we are. We should be. I don't want this relationship to be ruined because of some idiot moves. I've been an idiot in my whole life. I don't want to prove that this time to one person. To him.

On the 21st, we'll be celebrating our 8th monthsary. Greet us! Greet us! :D

I celebrated the Feast of San Roque with my church friends.
After I met PJ in Rob, I went straight to Kuya Ron's place. Feast of San Roque. He invited me a few weeks ago. I was excited because I would be able to see my church friends again. I missed them a lot! (And I will be missing them again.)

Who's there? More than 20 Eco-DMT members plus Kuya Ron's friends and/or relatives.

What happened there? Kainan. (Syempre.) Videoke. (Hindi yan mawawala. Pinanganak silang me kasabay na microphone.) Inuman. (Water, RC, Iced Tea, San Mig Light, The Bar, Fundador and Tequila. Were you able to see the transition? HAHA. I would like to acknowledge Beto and Pipo for being the heads of the drinking session. As always. Haha.) Picture-an. (Vain people.) Beer shower. (Save water. Use beer. Sino nga ba nagpasimuno? Haha.) Nagbukas-kotse. (Thanks to Pipo and Kuya Ian and Kuya Ron and Beto and Franz and Ate Ning and Dusty and Lean for the soooper help.) HAHA. I forgot my keys inside the van. Ayyy naku. Super effort. Umuwi pa ko ng bahay... gamit motor ni Kuya Ron. (Marunong pa pala ko nun.) Hindi naman nagising si Mommy. Balik ulit. Punta sila kina Franz para kumuha ng susi nung Lite Ace nila; baka sakaling gumana. Through Pipo and Kuya Ian's amazing powers, the doors were opened. Hail to them! *kneels* Uwi na. What time? 3AM.

I just wondered why, after all I had drunk, I didn't have hangover. Ni hindi ko naramdamang nalasing ako. :))

Some photos I would like to share:

This is the deadly "drink chooser". I am not sure how this one is called. Haha. You get either Tequila, Fundador or The Bar. Thank you, Beto and Pipo, sa pag-spin. :))

Beto (on his lasing pose) and I. He advised me to use this blog to earn money. Haha. I'll take that. :] TY, Beto! Ayan, nagpakita na ko ha. HAHA.

Franz and Kuya Ron. Moments like this are the ones that I miss about them.

Matira-matibay shot. From left to right: Beto, ME, Pipo, Dimple, Dusty and Lean.

Another Matira-matibay shot. From front to back: Baruth, Ate Ning, JC, ME, Pipo, Dimple, Lean, Kuya Chad and Kuya Ron.

Beto. Cause: San Mig Light + Tequila + Fundador + The Bar (+ Iced Tea + RC). Effect: Antok. :))

Pipo and I. I missed this kulit guy! BTW, thanks (pati ke Kuya Ian) sa pagbukas ng pinto nung Lite Ace. Tsk, ma-macho. Pwede na kayo magbukas-kotse! :]

Pipo and Baruth: Two of my Eco-DMT favorites. :)

Kuya Ron, na-miss ka lang nila... :D (Kuya Ron is the guy in green. Surrounded by "evil" forces. HAHA. Pipo?! What are you doing?!)

Hope you enjoyed. HAHA. :P

I was supposed to go to Angono with Team Phoenix.
I couldn't come. I had told them since last week that I'd just try to go there after the feast celebration. But after all the tragedies that happened with my keys, my buddies didn't allow me to leave and go there. Haha. Beto's even scolding me. Parang lalaki raw ako mag-drive, kung makatutok ako, tapos pupunta ako dun ng alas-2 ng madaling araw? Haha. Sorry naman. :D

In our first week with Team Phoenix. They already invited us (Curt, Jeybs and I) to go to Minnie's place in Angono to celebrate three different parties: Despedida, Welcome and Wedding Parties. Despedida party for Minnie because she filed a resignation letter last month so she could concentrate on her studies. (I guess so. Because she's studying. She has 8AM-6PM class Mondays through Fridays. Her shift is from 10PM to 7AM, Mondays through Fridays. Come to think about it.) Welcome party for us. Like what I mentioned in my older post, we have been deployed to Team Phoenix from Team Abbie when my former TL Abbie was thrown to the Libis site. (Thrown? Haha.) Wedding party for TL Anne. She just got married on the 31st of July as what my teammate told me. :)

I wish I could go with them next time. :D


Let's be random.

Do you know how much I wanted to watch The Proposal? A while ago, I looked for the movie schedules for today. In SM Megamall Cinema 4, there will be a show at 7:15PM. Let's say, the movie is two hours long, 'til 9:15PM, ohy, I still have enough time to prepare for work. Haha.

I also want to watch Orphan and My Sister's Keepers. Many say these are great movies. I'm so curious. Haha. Show at 7:05PM. Better. :P

We'll be on Dress Up for the whole week. Pft. I think I should start buying new clothes and shoes now. Mom and Dad, I need your financial help. NYAHA!

I'm excited to read again the Confessions of a Shopaholic. I'm on the fifteenth chapter. (Fifteenth instance of being a shopaholic. HAHA.) I can sooo much relate to the topic. I feel I'm like Rebecca "Becky" Bloomwood. Ooh, yea. Jude and Connie call me "Becky". Is it because of that? Do they know Becky? HAHAHA! :))

What's going to happen this week? Will there be something good happening to me? Will there be something extraordinary happening to me? Hmm. I'm looking forward to that. :D

I've got a new Plurk layout. Check it out here. Tell me if it's okay or not. (If not, I'll kill you... KIDDIN'.)

My mouth hurts. Meron akong singaw. I wonder why. I brush my teeth three times a day. I drink a lot of water. WTF. Hirap magsalita. Pft.

Let me rest and lay down my bed at 11AM. 11AM-7 or 7:30PM. Will I be oversleeping? Hmm. That's fine. I think it's better than undersleeping. :P

I saw Aya in her Monday uniform. Want to see her? Here:

I wonder why she doesn't look like Cha (the cute little Bulilit girl) anymore.

Tsk. Tigilan na 'to.

Ciao. ^_____________^

PS: "Life is a game. I'm just playing with it." Where did I get this? Does it come from me? Did someone quote this? Tsk. Anyway. Life is a game. Just play with it. :]