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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

I can be reached everywhere.
YM. Plurk. E-mail. Facebook. Twitter. Friendster. Multiply. Tumblr.

say anything like you mean it.

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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I Want a Sundae on Sunday
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Why the title? Because I have been craving for sundae -- a yummy chocolate sundae -- since last night. Pij hates McDo. *sad* Don't you know how much I want that? Where's your conscience? HAHAHA. Just joking. :P Muawers! *kiss*

No posts since 28Nov08 aside from the Questions from Av because of my hectic schedule. Hectic? Haha. Just not in the mood. I had another draft of my post supposedly published on Friday. Well, I'll just include it here. :P


My Thursday night turned to be not so good. Aside from a very stressful day that I had and a mom forcing me that I wasn't in the mood, I wasn't able to study super seriously because I slept unintentionally. Woooot. Unintentionally? Why did I study while lying on that fckin' life-destroyer bed? Am I really sure that I slept unintentionally? Hallerrrr. Going back.. Good thing, Pij called. At least, he was able to lighten me up in the middle of darkness. Haaay. After we talked, I was back to my original mood. Hihi. It lasted until morning.. until afternoon.


I was already in the school at 0230PM because we had a seminar on Bit Defender.. Arizia told us to be in CFAD-AVR 15 minutes ahead of time (the seminar would start at 0300PM). Yey! CFAD! Haha. I love going there. The building is sooo civilized. Compared to Engineering building. Loser. Hahaha. There are also cuties there. Really. Haha. Specially the future Architects of the world. Haha. Never mind. Just fantasizing. ^^

I am with Kuya A and Ally. This photo [up] shows just one of our vanities outside the CFAD AVR. Haha. We did not attend the seminar, stayed outside, acted as staffers, scolded by that fckin' prof and get hungry and thirsty just to study for the quiz in IM252. That was how we prepared for the quiz. Hahaha. Good thing, Arizia gave us 2 stamps [for Power Card.. for the incentives.. for our future. yeahba!]. :D For more photos, visit my Multiply site. :P

Friday is Ma'am Kat's day. Haay. We had our first ever quiz. Whoa. It was a BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST! I almost exploded. Tsk. Blah blah blah... Haha. No leakage. :)) But you know what? After we had the quiz, I can say that we're so lucky we had Ma'am Kat as our professor. We learned to study. :D

Our period ended up at 0900PM. We were planning to watch the last full show of Twilight in SM San Lazaro, but no one knew what time it was. So after the little and usual talking in EngTap, we decided to just have our dinner at Shakey's España. We were there at around 0945PM and we left at past 1100PM only because the waiter asked us if we still had something to order for the last time. Haha. We talked about issues under the sun.. again. But this time, we were personally talking. Hehe. ^^

It was almost 1200MN when I got home. Sermon from Pij the day after. Hehe. Unbelievably, I still experienced heavy traffic in Marikina at that time. Effin' err. Surfed the net. Slept.


Yey! Fortunately, we did not have our OR class because Sir Reyes was in a seminar. I knew that since Wednesday when I met him at the corridor. But Thessa, my 3CSB classmate, even texted me at 0730AM. Hehe. How sweet, she bothered to text me that early just to let me know we had no classes. At least, I have another friend there [one is Singh, sorry, I don't know his first name, HAHA] aside from my 4CSA classmates, but not including my "TThS bestfriend", Gian. Hahaha. Kiddin', best. :))

I had no choice but to wake up at 0830AM because my mom did not stop talking to me, asking me where I had been, who I am with and what I did last night. She thought I was with PJ. Haha. That's how paranoid my mom [even my dad] was. She did not know PJ was already sleeping at the moment they were texting me where I was. Hehe.

Hours passed. It was afternoon when I left home. Almost 0630PM when I met Pij.. somewhere only the two of us could know for now. :D I have loved going there because aside from the great view on my way going up there, I sooo enjoyed the cold breeze of air. :) There? Had a KFC dinner and big bottle of Minute Maid. Took pictures together. Another chocolate from my babe. Teased me pisngilong [He loves teasing me pisngilong because of my big huge pisngi and ilong. AMP.] Blah blah blah.. We went down at around 1130PM already. ^^ The night was great with him.

Muziklaban was held in Marikina Sports Park. [Hello, big income for Marikeños.] I wanted to watch but I did not plan to watch. Hahaha.

We still had our kulitan sessions when we reached home. My mom was still up but with low battery so after handing me the keys, she slept already. Pij and I stayed in the middle of the street.. soundtripping, etc. If only it did not rain, he wouldn't be going home yet. That was around 0130AM. :D [part of this was cut so I had to type it again. Effin' err.]


Kabit Christmas lights mode. :D I made the efforts of putting the Christmas lights on our gate. Though not as good as before. Only half of it is well-lit. The other half? It sucks. But then at least, the spirit of Christmas is already here. :)

Woke up at 0930AM. I wasn't able to go to OLA to serve and attend the mass. AMPNESS. I just got myself busy with the Internet.. and with my first IT112 assignment. The deadline of compilation will be 1200MN tonight! [President Mark and PRO Niko flooded.] Oh no. Time check: 0652PM and I still have no ideas. WAAAAA. *cram*

Tomorrow is 01Dec08. I can feel the Christmas! And oh, tomorrow will be the BACK2BACK2BACK -- a concert in The Big Dome featuring Side A, Freestyle and MYMP [kinda not sure if MYMP is with them]. My gahd, SIDE A!!! Whoa. And I'm such a loser, I cannot watch their concert because I wasn't able to reserve/buy a ticket. Err. LOSEEEEEEEEER! :(( Oh well, I'll just wait for it to be televised. :P [Update: Yeah, MYMP is joining them tomorrow! You better visit Tickenet to reserve/buy tickets. ^^]

Tomorrow is a nonworking holiday. Everybody's home again -- my mom, my dad, my brother and I. So by now, I'm already assuming that tomorrow all the people in this house will not be in the mood. HAHAHA. That's what always happens when we're all together. :))

Although it's a holiday, my PJ's going to the office.. to work.. as he said. Wooshoo. SIPAAAAAG! So workaholic. You know, if you have nothing to do at home, you can do my assignment in IT112.. for me.. I'll give you a kiss.. HEHE. Joke! HAHAHAHA. :)) Amp. I just miss you, kulet.

I made a new Friendster account. Exclusive for my personal friends. Haha. Wala lang. I just want to have a new account. And FS sucks because the updates are delayed. Err.

And oh, BTW, today is 4CSA's PRO's day! It's Jean Nikolai Baladad's20th birthday. Harhar. Everyone's aging. Hehe. Happy birthday, Niko! Apir! :)

That's all for now. It's raining.. but I'm planning to go to OLA. Whatever it takes. Haha. Baboosh! ^^

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Questions from Av
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In three words, explain yesterday.
Stressful. Inspiring. Happy. :)

What made you smile today?
Seeing my kuya's comment to Pij saying "take care of my sister! :)"

What were u doing this morning at 8?
Peacefully sleeping. Hehe.

What were u doing 15 minutes ago?
Talking to my kuya.

Something that happened to you in 1985?
I wasn't born yet. :P Ask Pij. He was born in 1985. Nyaha!

Last thing someone said to you?
ingat kyo dyn -- Kuya :D

What was your answer?
ikaw din :* -- hahaha. that was what I exactly replied. :P

Worst thing currently on television.
No idea. I rarely watch TV programs.

What was in your e-mail today?
Some people requesting to be my friend in USTe.TV. Haha.

How many different beverages have you drank today?
I haven't drunk anything yet.

What is your favorite part of this day?
IDK yet.

Your current To-do list?
Date with Pij.
Multimedia assignment.
Study for Sem1 quiz on Tuesday.
Kabit Christmas lights.
Eat my revel bars.
Et cetera.

Where is your best friend right now?
In school. I guess. :P

What color is your toothbrush?
White + blue + yellow.

What are you wearing right now?
Shirt and shorts.

Any plans for Friday night?
Bonding with classmates.. again. :)

Least favorite place to shop?
Ung lugar na walang mabibiling cute at maganda. Hahaha.

Things you bought today?

Last gift you received?
Flowers. Tsokolateng pampataba.♥

What made you mad today?
Nothing.. yet. :))

What can make you happy?
Pij's hugs. Sweets. High grades. Shopping. XD

Who do you want to text you often?
Pij. Inah. Zah. Angel. She. Pare. Dadi. Luvz. :|

Describe your key chain.
Cute Eldar. :P

Where do you keep your change?
It depends upon the situation. Usually, inside my bag, or in my pocket.

Are you happy with your life?

What are you thinking now?
Where will we go? What will happen? Is he still happy? Am I going to graduate on March? Is there anyone who leaked the IM252 exam coverage? Whatsoever.

Person you trust the most?
God. Family. Pij. Friends.

What day is it today?
It's Saturday. It's supposed to be Pij Day. :D

What are you going to do after this?
Magkabit na raw ako ng Christmas lights. Kase ako raw ung matangkad. Baka naman daw Bagong Taon na hindi ko pa nakakabit un. Amp.

Are you comfortable answering all these personal questions?

Do you think relationships are ever worth it?
Sometimes. Hehe.

If you could pack up and move, would you?
Definitely YES!

When was the last time you laughed really hard?
Kahapon. ^^

What do you want right now?
Just stay online.

Does anyone like you?
He said yes. Hehe.

Where's your girlfriend/boyfriend right now?
Where's my boyfriend right now?

Do you love people easily?

Who was the last person to call you?
Pij -- missed call. Hehe. That counts. Haha.

What's your current mood?

Where were you 1 hour ago?
On my bed.

If you took a drug test would you pass it?
I hope so. HAHAHA.

Did you enjoy your weekend?
Last weekend? Definitely YES. :D

Do you like your first name?
Sometimes. Haha.

What's irritating you right now?

Do you believe that if you want something bad enough you’ll get it?
No. Hehe.

Are you currently wanting any piercing or tattoos?
Yes. I want tattoos. Haha.

What did you dream about last night?
I dreamt of nothing.

LAST WORDS: Whatever.


12 Hours @ School
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Just got home. Yeah, blog agad. :))

A very tiring day. I slept for only about 4 hours last night -- or last morning should I say. :D So funny, I slept at 3:00am even if my class would start at 9:00am just because of this blog thing and an online conference with my classmates. Look at my fckin' eyebags [photo on the left]. Ooh sooo big. Ampf. That was taken around 2:45am. Don't you see, I'm so loyal -- I was still wearing my uniform at that time. Hahaha. Well, fortunately, I was able to automatically wake up at 7:00am, which rarely happens. :))

I wasn't late! Party time! ^^ I was about 10 minutes earlier than Sir Mike. Haha. Poor Sir Mike. Poor. :P Only Aaron and Gian was there when I came. They're earlier than me? Not new. Haha.

We just had a review for our IT253 Final exam on December 11. Good thing, Sir Reyes enjoyed the seminar and did not attend to our OR class. Hehe. I had 3 hours (ooh, only 2 hours -- 3 hours minus the 30-minute daldal portion and our 30-minute-earlier dismissal) to listen to and understand what Sir Mike says. Of course, I did not forget to jot down all the questions and answers which could help me real BIG to get perfect score on the Finals. (I wish!)

All alone for the nth time, I ate my lunch at KFC. Gian (my bestfriend every TThS as he says) and my other classmates went to Champ's place after our IT253 class to enjoy our 3-hour vacant period. I decided to go to library after lunch instead. Very productive huh? =)) I just abused the cool airconditioning system there, updated my calendar, partially wrote my notes and used the Internet. I was supposed to do my assignment in CS107 but when I visited my blog, it turned out that I sat down there just to blog-hop. Haha. I spent almost 45 minutes then I went back to Engineering building because I did not want to be late for my next boredom, oops! I mean, class. :D

During our break in the middle of our boredom este, CS107 class, we had our classroom officers' election for the second semester. Meaning, Sir Attorney-look-alike is our adviser. To the highest level. Err. Oh well, this would be the last batch of officers we would be electing. And it was so disappointing that I was dethroned.. by Joanne. Haha. She's our new class secretary. Bad for me, I will miss the paper works, the class lists, and other secretarial stuff. Hehe. I just looked at the positive side.. less work for me this semester! Here is the list of officers of 4CSA for the second semester:

President: Mark Kristopher Pazon [again. He was our president last semester.. and I voted for him.]
Vice President: Angeli Rose Layug [Joanne almost hit her with an umbrella. Hahaha! FYI, Mark is Joanne's boyfriend. Hehe.]
Secretary: Joanne Marie Cruz [dati ako. HUHU.]
Treasurer: Julius Xavier Francia [mayaman ang 4CSA sa kanya. Haha!]
PRO: Jean Nikolai Baladad [and he used his powers when he announced something about our seminar. Haha.]

There. I wished I was there, too. I wished. :))

IT254L. I was surprised when I saw Sir Raymond inside the laboratory, obviously waiting for us. Sir Raymond is one of my bosses in STePs during my on-the-job training. Hehe. I remember, he loved passing by our stations because my officemates, Nollie and Melanie, and I always had foods in our tables. Haha. Anyway, he said he was our instructor for that moment because Sir Amante's out. Boooooo. Haha! He presented to us an overview of LAN. Oh well, he talked well, but we didn't listen well. We were too busy looking at pictures of top-naked men and other celebs, blogging, checking our mails, et cetera. Haha. But I had taken notes from his presentation and sent it to my email and Arizia's. Hehe.

The lab was so fckin' cold! I guess they set the airconditioning units to its highest level that I couldn't even type well. Haha.

That's all for now. Ehrm. In a few hours, it's November 28. Aside from an event, it's Gelo de Guzman's birthday! Yihaa! I wish Gelo could read this so he would know that I'm greeting him, though I had greeted him already through YM. :P Happy birthday, Gelo! Best wishes! :)

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Again, thank you, Clarisse, for the award. :)

IT254 was my first and last... subject for this day. :D Our Friday class was moved on Wednesday at 1-2pm. We had a horrible quiz about Subnetting which I took for only about 40-45 minutes because I was late. Genius. Hahaay.

In all fairness, we already had our first meeting with Sir Kesh for our Multimedia class. Whew! At last. But, poor 4CSA, we had to use the Lab 6-1 of CE Department because there was a scarcity of classrooms due to the oooh-sooo-big number of students enrolled in the Engineering Faculty. He discussed about his rules: no gadgets are allowed; no eating inside the laboratory. Cool huh? I guess he thought we were Freshmen. C'mon, we already know those rules. We just don't follow. HAHA. Oh well, at least he reminded us. :D He's cool in all aspects -- not forgetting his baby, Mac. A cutie whitey Mac I spied in his Friendster account. *inggit* :)) After giving us an introduction about multimedia, he asked us to make a poster of our name using MS Word as our first assignment (ehrm, second -- the first one will be something about us, details still incomplete. I gotta keep checking out my eLeap account for more info) to be submitted on our next meeting, which will be Tuesday next week. Yihaa! More time to prepare for gaining his best first impression towards us. Hahaha.

During our break, I was kinda hungry so I asked Steph and my other classmates to have our merienda at Mcdo. I ordered Burger McDo Meal with Upsized Fries and Drinks. Yey! I've been craving for these since last week. Haha. I wish I could have these yummy-yummy with Pij. For unknown reasons, he hates McDo. Err. But for sure, he'll love it soon. Nyahaha. XD

After that delicious treat, we had to suffer for a two-hour Ethics class with Sir De Alban. Although he's kinda funny at times, we always find ourselves sleepy. Haha. Maybe because he's way professional. We talked about Intellectual Property Rights and others. Oh well, he's very much better than Ma'am Afu. We're still lucky we had him. HAHA. :D

We had our IT254 class again. Now for two hours. Nyerr. He just showed us the correct answers for some of the items on the quiz we had on our first hour. I forgot my answers so I wasn't sure if I got the answers correct or not. Haha. Loser. XD

Sir Mike dismissed us as early as 7:30pm. Maybe he noticed that we looked so stressed and sleepy. (Because of our Ethics class? Hehe.) Thanks, Sir. :))

Dropping off at Cubao, I bought 12 pieces of munchkins + free 8-oz. drinks in Dunkin' Donuts. I have always been craving for these everytime I pass by Gateway. When I went out of the store, I saw Ate Cel (Glenn's elder sister). FYI, she's my birthday-mate. Haha. She said she was about to text me so she could go with me. Aun. We went on the same jeep and talked about her stressful life at work in Sagip Kapamilya (ABSCBN), my studies and anything that comes into our mind. We dropped by 7-Eleven to by something for Aliyah (her pretty, bubbly daughter) and there I knew Glenn's favorite doughnut at Mister Donut. That chocolate thing with chocolate filling. Haha. That's my favorite, too. Gaya-gaya. Hehe. Yeahba! Now I know what to give him this Christmas. HAHA. :D

I bought Astring-o-sol Specialist for Marc because he has been suffering from sore throat since yesterday. Get well soon, Dear. :)

Home before 9:30pm. Until now, I'm still waiting for Pij's call. [Time check. 12:06AM] He is with his barkada at SM Marikina to watch a movie. Don't you ever dare to watch Twilight. I'll punch you BIG TIME! X( HAHA. Kiddin', Babe. :D


I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS with mega emphasis to Mr. Gil Francis "Kiko" Fallarna Cortez for passing the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination held on November 22 & 23, 2008. Results were released today [26Nov08]. Click this link to view the roll of successful examinees. Check Sequence Number 443 to see his shiny, shimmering, splendid name. ^^

To Kiko: Congrats! You made it! I'm so happy for you! Sabi ko naman sayo papasa ka eh. Pa-burger ka naman dyan! Wiiiiii! :D Don't say it's chamba lang. I know you did your best. ;) Wag mo ko kakalimutan pag mayaman ka na ha? Haha. Apir!


12:35AM. Pij called. He just got home. "Ang ganda," he said when I asked him if he watched Twilight. Grrrr! I thought we'll watch it together? HUHU. It's just a thought. *sigh* Oh well, anyway, I'm going to watch it with my classmates on Friday morning, before the Bit Defender Seminar and our 3-hour quiz + discussion mode in IM252. Hmp. And yes, I'm gonna play my favorite King of the Hammer with Gelo at SM. Yipee! :D *excited*

I'm not yet sleepy. I'm dead hungry. I haven't eaten my dinner yet. I've been so addicted with this blog since I got home. And oh, my classmates and I are still on a conference @YM -- talking about anything inside the classroom. HAHA. Because of this, now i'm IN. :))

My classes start at 9am tom. It's already 12:58AM! Whoa. I haven't fixed my notes yet. Grr. What time will I sleep? Argh.

Gotta say bye-bye now. There are still tomorrows for another posts. Hahaha. Ciao! XD

Don't you notice, this is a realtime post. :))

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I Love Your Layie Award
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1. Repost the award and this rules in your post.
2. Select 3 people from your linked friends to whom you think has an awesome layout. If you think I do, you can also include me to your receivers.
3. If you're the recipient, include the link of person who has given you the award.
4. This does not include any official criteria or whatsoever. It depends on your liking.

Thank you, Clarisse for the award you gave to me. Hehe. *BIG smile*

I give this awesome award to the following: Mei // Xty // Niqui :)

Congratulations, girls. I sooo love your simple yet glamorous layie.♥ I also love reading your blogs. Hehe.


Ethics Day
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I woke up early but I thought I was still late for my first class. 8:00am pa lang, ginigising na ko ni Mommy. She thought my class would start at 10:00am kaya halos ibalibag na ko sa kama kanina, agang-aga. Hanggang sa magkaron ako ng muwang at nasabi kong: "11 pa pasok ko!!!" Meme! Sabay tulog ulit. :D

8:45am. Totoong nagising na ko. Haha. Online agad. "Good morning" ke Pij na hindi ulit late. Yeahba! Naghahanap ako ng magandang layout para sa aking Blogspot. :P Napansin mo naman sigurong bago ang layout ko? Hehe. Credits to blogskins.com. :) Pero masyado akong nalibang at hindi ko napansin ang oras. Pagtingin ko, 9:45 na. Waha! Madali akong kumain at naligo.

Ayun. Maaga nga ko nagising pero tinanghali pa rin ako ng alis. Almost 10:10 na ako nakarating sa USTe. Tinext ko pa si Dan na itext ako pag andun na si Sir. Pagdating ko, wala pa rin si Sir. Hanggang sa past 10:30 na at hindi na sya dumating. IE Week daw kase. Hinayupak na un. Bat kase nakalimutan ko pa itext nung Saturday. Hindi nya tuloy ako nasabihan. Alis na lang. Kasabay ko si Leona Frances nag-lunch. At dahil sa kanya, nalaman kong me exhaust FAN na pala sa Pugon (Carpark). Haha. Ang galing. Sana me table na lang dun sa tapat nun para dun na lang kami kumain kesa sa mainit na pav. Amf.

2:00pm pa ang next class -- supposed to be Multimedia class ko na hanggang ngayon eh hindi pa rin namin nami-meet ang prof, na si Sir Kesh daw. Yikeee! Sir Kesh. :P Wala lang. Pero naghintay na naman kami sa wala. Absent daw, hindi na naman dumating. Mega tambay lang kame sa Guidance Office after namen magpa-consult ke Ma'am Cha for Thesis. Kwentuhan. Kwentuhan. Kwentuhan. Syempre, picture-taking hindi mawawala kasama ang co-vanity strikers na sina Steph at Arizia.

Arizia. Steph. Angela. The. Vain. People.

Laki ng pisngi ko. :D

Our favorite spot: sa tapat ng aircon.

Isang buong klase kaming nandun. Halos marindi na sa ingay namen ung guidance counselors. Haha. At aun. Dahil sa pagkkwentuhan namen ng anything under the sun, napa-order ako bigla ke Ma'am Khristine ng revel bar na paboritong-paborito ko kahit halos tumaas na sa maximum level ang Sugar ko sa katawan. Sarap-sarap kase! *drools* Friday.. nasa mga kamay ko na un. Bwahahaha. XD

4:00pm. Ethics class. Bago pa sya dumating, nagdouble check na kame ng sizes namen para sa Engineering shirt. Akalain mong Small ang aking size. Sa laki kong to. Haha. Tapos dumating na si Sir De Alban na 2 meetings ang na-miss dahil sa kanyang conference with the World Bank people. Woooo. Bigatin naman. Haha. Pero at least, sya pa rin ang prof namen. Okay na rin. :) Next topic: Intellectual Property Rights. Tsktsk. *nose bleeds*

Habang nakatanga kame sa Guidance Office, nagtext si Ma'am Mich na papasok daw sya ng 5-8pm. At kami un. Pero naghintay kame ng halos 45 minutes sa kanya sa labas ng ICS Lab 1 pero hindi sya dumating. Amp. Ethics lang ang class ko maghapon!!!??? Azar ha. Bat ba pinapabayaan na kami. Huhu. Pero okay lang. Sa paghihintay namen sa kanya, nakapagkwentuhan na kami ni Steph at Mark tungkol sa mga buhay-buhay. Imagine, Full-fledged architect, 17000 ang monthly income?! OMG. That sucks! Panu pa kame na walang board exam? Baka 7000 lang ang maging monthly income namen. Ang saklap naman. Kaya iniisip namen na pagkagraduate e magkaron ng magandang opportunity abroad. Haay. Sana nga makapag-work kame abroad. :) Nung dumami na kame, wala na. Haha. Umuwi na rin kame nung bandang 6:30 na.

Kinagabihan, dumaan pa si Pij. Kahit almost 9:00pm na. Galing sya game. Napasama ata ung "Tolentino for threeeeeee!!!" ko sa kanya. Haha. Pero okay lang. Sweet lang, me dala pang roses ang mokong. Kinikilig naman ako.♥ Thank you, Pij. Plus tsokolate. Pampataba ng pisngi. At ilong. I love it when he squeezes my cheeks and nose. Feeling ko cute na cute sya sakin. Hahaha. Lagi ko tuloy sya namimiss. Saturday na ulit kami magkikita.. waaaaa! Okay lang. Para san pa ung mga salitang "mis kita." Whoa. Excerpt from a conversation. :P

The meaning of white roses is perceived as pure and bright, and by giving away a white rose a suitor says “You are heavenly” and “I respect and look up to you” to the object of his affection.

Pij, am I really heavenly? :))

Oh di ba. At sinearch ko pa talaga ung meaning. Just to make sure. Hehe. :P Wala lang. Saglit lang sya. Literal na dumaan lang. Saktong 10:00pm sya umalis. Kase me exam pa ko sa Cisco 2. Mag-aral na raw ako kaya tatapusin ko na to. :D

1:00pm pa pasok ko tom. Hindi natuloy ung screening para sa fashion show. Sana pumasok na ung mga prof, lalo na si Sir Kesh, para hindi naman sayang ung oras na pinaghihintay namen. X(

Twilight na tomorrow! Di naman ako mahilig dun pero ewan ko kung bat bigla ko nagustuhan. Haha. Sana makanood ako nun before this week ends. ^^ Edward Cullen, wait for me...

Good night. Sweet dreams. @}-;-

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Long Weekend
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It was indeed a looooooong weekend for us, students of 4CSA. Haha. At last, our wish since first year was granted: no regular classes on Saturdays. Weeee! Too bad, I have 10-11 OR class. Amf. Pero okay lang, I'm just thinking that I just oversleep until 12 noon. Haha.

I'm gonna tell you the whole story of my weekend. :D

Friday is Ma'am Kat's Day.

Ang tagal kase nung train. Ma'am Kat was late. Our class should have started at 6pm pero almost 6:30pm na when she arrived. Galing na sya sa office, kinausap pa nya si Sir Alex regarding our Saturday schedule. IM252 lang kase ang papasukan namen ng 4-5pm ng Saturday. Kaya ang ginawa nya, pina-move na lang nya. Instead of 2-hour class on Friday and 1-hour class on Saturday, naging 3-hour class na ung Friday namen. Ung 8-9 IT254 class ko na natamaan, naging 1-2 class ko na ng Wednesday. Cool huh. :P Pero dahil sa aking 10-11 OR class, di pa rin ako tagumpay na 4 days lang akong magpapakagaga sa school. Pero okay lang. At least maaga na uwian. :) Aun. Me quiz dapat kame sa IT254 pero hindi na natuloy dahil nga nalipat na ng Wednesday ung class ko. Buti na lang dahil hindi pa ako super confident na master na master ko na ung Subnetting.. confident lang. :P After discussing Lesson 2, pinauwi na rin nya kame. Umabot din ng 9pm. Haay. Sipag ni Ma'am Kat. At night, I made my assignment and studied hard for my OR quiz the next day. Hope those work.

Saturday is Pij's Day.

I woke up as early as 5:30am. Excited for the 1st quiz in OR? Kinda. Haha. Coverage? Items 7 and 9 of the assignment. Azar. Sana ung 1, 4 at 8 na lang kase un ung namaster ko.. maliban sa katotohanang me sagot sa likod nung book. :P Ewan. Sana naman tama ako. Medyo nakakalito lang talaga ung formulation na un, pero still positively thinking that I will pass that quiz. Else, I will punish myself.. hard enough for me to learn from my mistake.

Hehe. I took Sir Reyes' mobile number. I requested kung pwedeng itext nya ko kung hindi man sya makakapasok ng class namen. Sayang naman kase ung oras. Aun. Binigay naman nya. Pero hindi ko pa sya natext para malaman nya ung number ko. Haha.

I went home immediately after our 45-minute exam. Whew, sisiw. Of course, I was kidding. HAHA. Paglabas ko ng España-Lacson gate, I saw Kuya Pete. [I believe that's his name. :))] Onga noh, ngayon ko lang naisip na hindi ko nga pala matandaan pangalan nya! Loser me. =)) Pero aun nga. He was going to Christ the King Church in E. Rodriguez Ave. and I was going to Cubao kaya nagsabay na lang kame. Good, nilibre nya ko pamasahe. Haha. I insisted, he resisted. Okay. HAHA. We talked about my studies, my future work, CYA events and people, my church org, etc. He was inviting me to join the CYA's 28th Anniversary. Pero sabi ko baka hindi rin ako makapunta. Aside from my duty at OLA, baka hindi rin ako makatagal dun dahil hindi naman ako masyadong naging active dun at wala akong masyadong kakilala -- wala talagang kakilala maliban sa mga staff. Oh well. I know there will be 29th, 30th, 31st, so on.. so forth. Next time na lang. :)

12 noon when I got home. Kasabi-sabi agad ni Daddy pagka-kiss ko, "Walang pasok?" Haha. Ang aga ko kase umuwi. Parang nag-joyride lang ako hanggang Manila. Haha.

After lunch, umalis na rin ako. Me usapan kame ni Pij na magkikita ng 1:30-2pm sa SM Marikina. Hehe. On my way, nakasabay ko pa si Kenneth Yoshino. He was my classmate in third year high school. He was the one who first noticed me. Akala ko kung sino ung kumausap sakin, sabi: "San ka pumapasok?" Tinitigan ko pa sya bago nagsink in sa utak kong sya nga si Kenneth Yoshino. Haha. Low memory.. I'm really getting old. :))

Past 2pm na when I arrived at SM. Akala ko andun na si Pij, pero nauna pa pala ko. Hehe. Pero I understand naman, he was from Antipolo pa, ako from Cainta lang. Hindi naman matagal naghintay, pero pagdating nya kunyari galit ako. Haha. Naglalambing lang. :)

Kain sa KFC. Go-go + Snack Box. Tapos ikot. Ikot. Ikot. We even saw Tita Edna and Tito Baby and the little kid, I wasn't sure kung si Keruvnn o si Karlitos. Hehe. Nadagdagan na naman ang nakakakilala sa kanya. :)

Sino nagsabi sayong walang picture? XD *Happy* Oooh so happy being with him. Kahit wala man lang kaming pictures... :(

Me meeting pa dapat ako sa OLA. PEro minabuti kong di na lang pumunta at makibalita na lang sa mga tao the next day. Aun. Around 9pm, dumaan pa kame sa Riverpark para makigulo sa Tiangge sa Ilog. Semi foodtrip. Ikot. Ikot na naman. Hanggang sa napagod na kame at umulan saka kami umuwi. Mga 11pm na rin siguro. Gising pa si Mommy at Mamarc, napatagal pa tuloy si Pij dahil nagkaron pa ng kwentuhan galore. Aun. 1:30am na sya nakarating ng bahay. Kunyari kapitbahay lang namen sya. Haha.

Kahit nakakapagod, ang saya. Thank you, Pij. Love kita!

Sunday is OLA Day.

Serve. Dahil hindi ako nakapag-meeting nung Saturday night, para makabawi, talagang kahit 8am na ko nagising eh nagpunta pa rin ako sa OLA para mag-duty. Buti na lang hindi na implemented ang: "Bawal tumungtong sa stage ang late!" Me garage sale. Me BP. Me Binubuong Pangarap launching. Attended the 11-am mass. Uwi kasabay si Angel hanggang sa kanila. Paspas ng patakbo. Bad trip dahil dati, tuwing uuwi ako, me bitbit akong Hershey's ice cream galing Ministop. Ngayon, wala na. HUHU. :(

Pupunta dapat kame ng World Trade Center - Manila dahil meron daw Celebrity Bazaar. Pero hindi ung celebrities ang habol ko kundi ung ititinda nila. Kaso di na lang kame tumuloy dahil naisip kong baka mahirap mag-park. Tutal, araw-araw din naman akong nakakakita ng celebrity.. lalo na pag nakaharap sa salamin. HARHAR. :)) Sta. Lu saka SM Marikina ulit ang binagsakan namin. Bibili sana ako ng 2009 Planner sa Go Nuts Donuts pero parang kelangan ko pa ng hanggang December 31 para mag-isip. Haha. Ang gusto ko talaga ung Starbucks 2009 Planner. Waaaaaa!

Gabi na, nag-online pa si Glenn. Aba. Inisinab ako saglit para ke Ann, pero inisnab ko rin sya saglit kase kausap ko si Pij. Nyaha! Pero dahil maglalaro daw sila ng kanyang pinsan na pinsan pala nya un at nakakasabay ko minsan sa trike at inaantok na ko talaga, nag-log out na kame. Tulugan na. Buti na lang me Kenny. Kunyari sya si Babe. I sooo loved to sleep with him. *hug*

Monday is Mommy's Driver's Day.

Hindi late si Pij. :D Internet pagkagising. Alis ng after lunch. Super lakas ng ulan! Itinerary: OLOPSC. Sundo Tita Edith. Metrobank. Citibank Libis. Greenhills. Uwi na. :D Bumili lang ako damit. Damit na naman. Nyaha. Sarap mag-shopping noh? XD

Pupunta dapat si Pij pero di ko na pinapunta kase me exam ako tomorrow sa Sem1! Sana matulog na kase second meeting pa nya sinasabi un. Di na natuloy-tuloy. Haha. Hindi pa nga na-upload ni Ma'am Mich ang notes. Kaya naloloka na sila. Swerte, mahilig ako magsulat. Pang-secretary talaga. Me notes ako. Bleeeeeeh. HAHA. :))

Napag-isip-isip ko lang dahil pinag-isip nya rin ako.. hindi ako takot sa commitment. Baka lang mas okay ung ganun kame. Pareho pa kaming nasa adjustment period. Matagal akong walang boyfriend, isip bata ako, matured sya. Pero parang minsan, naiisip ko, baka biglang maisipan nyang hanapan ako ng kapalit. Eh kung me magustuhan syang ibang babae? Ung hindi malaki ilong at pisngi? Di ba? Nakakalungkot.. anong gagawin ko? Ihahagis sya sa bangin ng Antipolo? Babalian ko ng buto? O hihiwain ko ng kutsilyo ung tiyan? Ano kaya noh? :P

Wala. Saktan nya ko, pero hindi ko sya kayang saktan. :)

Tuesday na naman tomorrow. Pasok na naman. Kaya mag-aaral na ko. Para daw gumraduate ako sa March 2009! Sabi ni Sir Pij, sabi daw sa PGC, na hindi ko alam kung sinabi talaga un dun, pag nagpa-grad pic na raw, sigurado na raw na gagraduate. Sir Odchi, is this true? Haha. Ano nga bang natutunan ko sa PGC? Na palpak si PGMA? :D

Enjoy my music player! Dami songs. Dagdagan ko pa next time. Yeps! ;)

I'm excited for Wednesday event. There's going to be another screening for the UST-Adver Fashion Show: "The House of Light". I'm joining again! Wala akong kadala-dala. Last year ko na. Malay mo swertehin. :P Skinny jeans + tank top. Wish me luck. ^^

Good night, pips. Twilight's on Friday. Iniisip ko kung kina Allyson ako sasama o aayain ko si Pij. Haha. Bahala na. [He hates this statement. But he's starting to love it because of me. Hehe.]

Whatevs. Baboo!

Sherry's Debut
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I want to greet my very cute curly friend, She, a happy, happy birthday. She has been living for 21 years in this world already. I never thought she's that old already. Haha. Kiddin', She. :D

Sherry Marie Gongora Bartolo (She as we call her), is my classmate in second to fourth year high school. She belonged to a group of 3 (with Inah and Kim). Para silang deadly Charlie's Angels. Nyaha. Honestly, when I first saw them, I said I wouldn't want to be their friend. Well, emphasizing She. I thought.. actually, she really was the most mataray person I've ever met. Hahaha. Feeling ko kase dati, pag kakausapin ko sya, puro pambabara ung gagawin nya sakin. Kaya nung una medyo hindi ko talaga siya pinapansin. At hindi ko talaga ma-keri na makipag-usap sa kanya. Eh medyo lame pa naman ako nung high school. Super bait ko. Di ba She? :P Tapos.. time went by, naging friends kame. Ewan ko nga ba kung anong nangyare. (Hahaha, parang ayaw ko eh noh? :D) We became one group. We became closer and closer hanggang sa naging third year na kame. Kahit nahiwalay na ung iba, ganun pa rin, close pa rin. Hanggang sa nung naging fourth year kame, kahit nahiwalay ung iba, at least, ako, She, Inah, Zah and Angge magkakasama pa rin. Hanggang ngayon. Ayun. Pero samin talagang magkakabarkada, si She ang pinakamatanda. Aminado naman sya. Wala naman sya magagawa eh. Haha. Buti na nga lang hindi sya medyo napipikon (hindi nga ba?) pag inaasar namen sya. Hehe. Lalo pa ngayon na talaga namang tumanda na naman sya. Lab u, She.

Si She ay maganda talaga magsulat. Hindi ko alam kung me solar hands sya kaya ganun. Pero idol ko talaga sulat nyan. Ang laki pa. Parang sya. :)) Kaya naman pag botohan ng officers, kulang na lang pati paa ko itaas ko para maiboto sya. Kahit alam kong she really hated chalk. Hehe. Mataray talaga si She saka masungit pero pag na-immune ka na sa katarayan at kasungitan nya, maiintindihan mong me sense naman ung pagiging mataray at masungit nya. :) Mabait sya, maasikaso, totpul, masarap kasama, makulit. Kaya love na love ko to. :)

At dahil ilang bundok ang layo namen sa isa't isa, madalang kame magkita. Miss ko na tong mataray na to! Buti na lang me text, YM at FS. :D

She. Matanda ka nang talaga! Lalong alam mo na ang tama at mali. Wag pababayaan ang sarili. Alam kong nurse ka. Pero kahit na. I wish all the best and happiness for you. Sana magkita-kita naman tayo ngayong Christmas season di ba! Ingat palage. Love kita ng marami. Muaaaah!



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my Friday and Saturday schedule suck. [as if the other days don't. HAHA] my Friday classes end at 9pm. dumadating ako sa bahay almost 11pm na dahil sa traffic. i have a 10-am OR class the next day. 5 hour break then another class, SRM, starts at 4pm. haay. i really hate being irregular. :/

i wasn't able to set my alarm clock properly so i woke up at 8:30am already. almost 10:30am na ata nung dumating ako ng USTe. akala ko late na ko, pagdating ko, wala na naman si Sir. bad trip! hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako na wala sya [importante kase attendance sa kanya] or maasar dahil madagdagan ng isang oras ung ipaghihintay ko para sa next class ko. haynako. pagkabayad ko nung book, umalis na rin ako. SM San Lazaro. :D me usapan kase kame nina Steph na magkikita kame dun para sana maglaro ng King of the Hammer, pampamacho. pero hindi naman dumating sina Gelo na favorite playmate ko dun. :P aun. ikot lang tas kumain sa KKR habang gumagawa ng Thesis. ever.

[for Ma'am Cha] Thesis in progress: hey, we already have a layout of our interface!

we had our Ma'am-Kat class then tapos na. syempre, wala pa kaming prof sa Multimedia. 3rd week na next week. haay. sana si Sir Kesh na lang o kaya Sir Verge!!! OWS? :))

tas sinamahan ko lang si Renniel magpa-encode. at tinapos ko ung schedule ng deputies ko at pinasa ke Chairman. sa wakas. bawas na intindihin ko. nga pala, si Renniel deputy ko na. kaya goodbye Kitel pasaway. haha. :P

aun. almost 7pm na ako nakaalis ng USTe. traffic pa ata. nakatulog ako sa FX. pagdilat ko, nasa stoplight na sa Gateway. hahaha. buti na lang saktong-sakto lang ung gising ko. pagbaba ko, parang wala pa ko sa sarili. hehe. ang sarap talaga matulog. :D

tas direcho na ko ng SM Marikina. andun kase sina Mommy at Tita Edith, nagpapasundo sakin. andun din si Pij. pero umuwi pa ko sa bahay kase kinuha ko pa ung sasakyan saka nagpalit pa ko ng damit. aun. almost 9pm na rin ako nakapunta ng SM. mineet ko muna si Pij and Willan sa CD-R King tapos pinuntahan ko na si Tita Edith malapit sa Starbucks. aun. since ayaw pa nya umuwi ni Pij, sinama ko na lang siya samin. kumain saka pumunta sa Ilog. :D almost 1:30am na kami nakauwi.

aun lang. ganun lang. tas syempre, hindi na naman ako nakapag-duty sa OLA dahil 9:58am, to be exact, na ako nagising. hahaha. haay.

gala mode na naman! me JPCS GA dapat ngayon. di na ko nakapunta. haha.

un lang. disregard this blog. hahaha!

Start and End
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OR: read Chapter 1.
Thesis: integrate.
SRM: study lesson 1 and 2 for tomorrow's discussion.
Pij: sleep early.
Angela: fix. update.

i must be busy now with school stuff but here i am again, typing... this blog just to satisfy myself. hahaha. i really wanted to post a blog since the start of classes on November 4. but see my dashboard... i have already made more than 10 drafts. oh c'mon... do i still remember what happened on those days? hahaha. i'm really funny. :D

i wish i could finish this one now.

i am currently chatting with my online friend, Drew. topic? love life. mine and his. haha. same old conversation. he said, "namiss kita". i just responded, "haha", the way i always do when i have nothing to say. :P *bad*

well. let's talk about my schooling. at last, after spending more than half of my life studying, last semester na!!! HOPEFULLY. super emphasized. hehe. i have no plans ever of extending my contract with UST kahit gusto ko talagang abutan ung UST Gymnasium na naka-schedule itatayo in front of Roque Ruaño Building on 2011. haha. i know i can always come back to UST. i know i will always be welcome... basta dapat hanggang March 2009 lang ako dito sa UST!!! kase kung hinde, hindi ko na alam kung anu pang gagawin ko sa buhay kong unti-unting napapariwara. hahaha. heynakoo.

my schedule definitely sucks. i want to kill the person responsible for making our schedule. of course, i was just joking. :P pero no joke, azar talaga ung sched ko. teka:

TUESDAY 11am-12nn, 4pm-8pm
THURSDAY 9am-12nn, 3pm-9pm
FRIDAY 3pm-5pm, 6pm-9pm
SATURDAY 10am-11am, 4pm-6pm

see? it's so beautiful. *sarcastic* if only i could make my own schedule, i would. you know, i hate long breaks. i hate being alone during lunch. i hate waiting for the time to come. i hate thinking of what to do just to make myself busy. i hate myself for letting myself suffer now. tsk.

one thing more... ung mga naging professor namen! gahd. until now, two weeks have already passed, we don't have our IT112 professor. that's Multimedia Technologies. kung anu pa ung feeling kong magiging favorite subject ko this sem, un pa ung parang patapon. haay. ganito na lang. i'll rate my professors from 1-10: 10 being the highest. :D

CS107 [Theory of Automata]
nakakaloka naman si Sir Seno. he graduated from MIT and DLSU. and he's so proud of that. haha. we meet only once a week. for THREE STRAIGHT HOURS!!! imagine the doom that we're going to experience this whole semester. grabe. ang hirap na nga ng subject, sobrang boring pa ng prof. alam mo yun, parang he has never said any joke in his entire life sa sobrang pagka-serious nya. yoko pa naman ng ganun. pati kase ko nagiging seryoso. hanggang sa maisip ko na lang na inaantok na pala ko. hahaha. [professor rate: 4]

ICS 5 [Professional Ethics and Values]
i thought my prof in Ethics would either be Ma'am Afurong or Ma'am Pearl. pero hindi. our prof, i don't know if it's temporary still, is Engineer-slash-Lawyer Josefin S. de Alban, Jr. hahaha. i saw his full name in his ID card. sya ung first professor na nameet namen this sem. hehe. palibhasa ICS5 kase ang first class of the week namen. :P
he's nice. ooh so talkative. funny. decent. he's cool. kaso, iniisip ko lang kung panu magiging exam namen dun. puro sya salita. hahaha. good luck. pero okay na rin. me natututunan kame kahit pa minsan parang medyo malalim na talaga ung pinag-uusapan namen. :D [professor rate: 7.5]

...pwede tutulog muna ko?... :D

Happy All Soul's Day! XD
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not quite sure if this one should be celebrated. hahaha. well, i'm just happy. christmas is very fast approaching. i can't wait to receive gifts from people i love. hehe. :D

i'm such a loser... my posts on my birthday and the October-25 event with Pij's friends, i haven't published them yet. haaay. it's not yet finished. i guess, meron pa lang around 50 words un. hahaha. lazy kid.

currently going gaga over the following songs:
-- Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
-- Let Me In by Save Ferris
-- Escape by Enrique Iglesias
-- Way Back Into Love by Hugh Grant an Haley Bennett
-- Boyce Avenue's songs
-- Britney Spears' songs
-- Shania Twain's songs
if you want to listen to those songs, just go to mp3-codes.com or imeem. or steal my laptop, cellphone and MP3 player. :))

nakakatamad. i'm a total bum this past few days. it's like going back to the elem days, when i used to ask my classmates and friends to write on my slam book... "my hobbies are KATUGA + NET: kain, tulog, gala + net." hahaha. haay. pero nilulubus-lubos ko na. i know when the second semester starts, i won't have time to comb my hair and put on my eye liner. tsktsk. PS: that's an exaggeration. :D

OVERVIEW: ang binabantayan naming puntod sa Loyola Memorial Park [Marikina City] ay ang mga magulang ni Daddy at mga magulang ng nanay ni Daddy. si Tatay Ubes, tatay ni Daddy, ay August 1991 pa namatay. si Nanay Suila naman, nanay ni Daddy, ay March 2007. ung Lolo at Lola ni Daddy, wala pa ko sa mundo.

My Lolo's and Lola'stoday's the All Soul's Day pero nung October 31 at November 1 kami nasa sementeryo para mag-picnicmagbantay. pero di nga, kumain lang kami ng kumain dun. haha. wala kase magawa. walang mapag-usapan. naubos na ung batt ng phone ko kaka-MP3. naubos na ung cheesecake ko kakakain. napaso lang ung kamay ko kakalaro ng apoykandila. nagkasipon at nagkanda-sakit ang ulo at katawan ko dahil sa hamog. pero hindi ko nakalimutang ipagdasal ang kaluluwa ng mga lolo at lola ko. alam nyo bang sa lahat ng Undas na nagdaan, ngayong taon lang walang nagparamdam ng malupit sa bahay: walang nangamoy kandila at bulaklak, walang tumunog na cellphone, walang lumipad na paru-paro. siguro dahil magkakasama na sila dun. pero sayang lang kase kung kelan hindi na ako takot sa mga pagpaparamdam, saka sila hindi nagparamdam. haaay. syempre, JOKE LANG un, Nanay at Tatay!!! :)) okay lang po na manahimik na lang po kayo kung nasan man kayo ngayon. :D

nung October 31, bukod sa birthday ni Tope Viray, nagpunta na kame sa Loyola para magbantay. medyo masama kase ang panahon. baka biglang umulan. aun. umulan nga. pero at least nakapagbantay pa rin kame. tas nung nakauwi na kame, nagpunta ko kina Dracz saglit pati kiina Inah. wala lang. para lang mag-trip. haha. tas nung bandang 7, nagpunta naman ako sa Rob para kitain si Pij. nood kame My Only U. pero wag na kayo manood, kase corny naman. haha. since past 8 na kame nakapasok, nakapag-last full show na naman kame. haha. pero okay lang. wala namang pasok pareho kinabukasan. :)

tas kagabi nga, nagbantay kame. aun.

syempre, hindi mawawalan ng picture ang mag-hipag na vain: Ms. Starbucks and Ms. Pringles... at ang batang vain na vain na rin: si Aya Piglet. :)

parang wala akong maikwento noh? haha.

kanina, nakausap ko lang si pasaway na Pij. bati na kame... haaay.

aalis dapat kame ngayon. ewan ko ba kung bakit ang tagal nila. tignan mo nga, matatapos ko na tong blog ko, andito pa rin kame. haha. kanina nagpunta na ko ng OLA para sana magsimba, kaso homily na nung dumating ako. anu ba un. nag-Adoration Chapel na lang ako. i love that place. sooo much. tapos dumaan lang ako sa Eco-DMT saglit. andun si Franz, Kuya Chad, Kuya Ian, Ate Ning, Jep, Ariane, saglit na Ugin. hehe. parang naki-epal lang ako saglit.

haay. wala na talaga ko mailagay. anu pa ba? tsk. magpapasukan na naman sa Tuesday. ayoko pa! hindi pa ko ready!

pero dapat. F-O-C-U-S. FOCUS. super hectic pa naman ngayon ng sched ko.
Tuesday 11am-8pm.
Wednesday 3pm-8pm.
Thursday 8am-9pm.
Friday 3pm-9pm.
Saturday 11am-5pm.
si Pij ay 8:30am-6:30pm araw-araw so malabong mag-meet kame ng Tuesday to Friday. si Dadi ay hindi ko makakasabay dahil sabog din ang sched nya. si Dracz ay hindi ko na maaabutan sa AMA. si Inah, hindi ko pa alam ang sched. si Pare kaya? hahaha. naghanap ng kasabay eh noh. sana payagan na ko mag-dorm. ayoko pa mamatay sa stresssssssss. :(