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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

I can be reached everywhere.
YM. Plurk. E-mail. Facebook. Twitter. Friendster. Multiply. Tumblr.

say anything like you mean it.

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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Rizal Day
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How's Christmas? :)

December 25, 2008
- Christmas Party with my family at night. Inuman with Kuya Monchit. Taob ako sa second liter. Haha.
- Chat with Kuya. Nagpainggit sa bagong DSLR nya. Amp.
- Called PJ to say "Merry Christmas" and my traditional "Good night. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams." Haha. :)
- Celebrated Christmas with Ferdz, Glenn and Budik at Ferdz' place for 1 1/2 hours. Haha. Hindi ako uminom. Pramis. Pinanood ko lang sila at nakipagkwentuhan. And hey! Nasa kanila pa ung gitara ko! Tgsh.
- Copied Twilight from Glenn's PSP. :D
- Sleep with Aya beside me. Hehe.

December 26, 2008
- Met Pij.♥ We exchanged gifts. Hehe.
- Went to ABSCBN with PJ para i-remit ung isang taon nang nasa amin na lata ng coins ng Bantay Bata. Haha. Matagal pa ung binyahe namin sa ipinunta namen.
- Supposedly sa SM Cubao na agad kami punta, kaso lumampas ako ng U-turn kaya umabot kami ng Anapolis. Pasok pa sana kami sa Greenhills kaso lintik naman sa traffic at hirap ng parking!
- Direcho na ng Araneta Center. Ikot sa SM Cubao at Ali Mall. Kain Lasagna sa Greenwich.
- Went to Antipolo. Stayed there 'til 8:00PM.♥
- Ilog after. Ikot. Bili sya shirt. Kain. Uwi.
- Watched HBO movie, ung me penguins saka me Jessica Alba. Haha.

December 27, 2008
- Supposedly, 10:00AM dapat kami magmi-meet. Pero dahil 9:00AM na ko nagising, naging 12:00NN na ung call time namen. Pero na-late pa rin ako. Ewan ko kung bakit. Haha.
- Kenny Rogers'. Solo A - thigh part with Mashed potato side dish. :)
- Went to Eboy's place. Studied our thesis. Watched movie. Transferred music files. Ate dinner. Hatid kami ni Master pati Kuya Gerwin (if I'm not mistaken with his name) sa SM North.
- Nakapag-ikot pa ko sa SM, The Block at Trinoma kakahanap ng Go Nuts, wala pa rin ako nakita. Uwi na lang ako. Lakad ng matapang sa overpass sa North. Tayo sa bus. Lakad na naman ng matapang sa Cubao-EDSA. Tssss.

December 28, 2008
- Nasaksak si Stephen John "Pipo" Santos dahil sa hold-up sa me St. Gregory around 2:00AM. I just received a message from Kuya Chad at 3:00AM saying they needed at least 6 people to donate blood for Pipo. Went to ARMC to visit and hand them my dad's Red Cross card.
- Went to Manaoag with my family. OVERHEAT mode. Bullshit. We had almost 10 stopovers (papunta-pauwi). Left the car at Edong's Car Repair Shop in Tarlac. Had a bus ride to Manaoag. Ate lunch. Attended mass. Had a bus ride again to Tarlac. OVERHEAT mode in SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway). Rescued by Traffic Assistance Patrol Team (Kamukha ni Kuya Allan ung isang nag-attend samin, hehe). Burgoo dinner supposed to be, di na lang namin naabutang bukas, McDo Sumulong kami bumagsak. Haha. Nakarating din ng bahay at around 11:30PM. Sarap mahiga sa kama... :D
- PJ and friends' Christmas Party held in Filinvest East - Willan's place.
- Watched Twilight.. Loser me. I watched it just that night. Haha. Edward Cullen wasn't that handsome as other girls say, but he's sooo damn HOT! "I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore..." Kilig.♥
- Watched It's a Boy Girl Thing. Un pala ung napanood ko sa HBO. Hehe. Cute ni Woody. :)
- Katext ko pa si Dimple til 5:00AM. Haha. Bantay sya with Ate Ning ke Pipo sa ospital. Punta pa sana ko kaso malamang di na ko papapasukin nung halimaw na guards. Hmp.

December 29, 2008
- 8:00AM pa lang ginigising na ko ni Mommy. Tas 10:00AM, inakyat na ko sa kwarto. Andun daw si PJ. Kala ko ginu-good time lang ako. Andun nga pala talaga! Pagtingin ko sa phone ko, 9 missed calls. Puro PJ. Nagtext pa, punta nga daw sya sa bahay. Malay ko bang pupunta nga talaga sya kahit di pa ko nagrereply. Haha. Sa amin dumirecho pagkagising nya galing sa Christmas Party nila. Haay. Di ko alam kung maaasar ako o matutuwa ako. Haha. Pero super natutuwa talaga ko. :) Ang tyaga at tapang nya. Haha. Lab u!♥
- Me DoTa + Photoshop Training sa bahay kahapon. Kami ni Marc ang estudyante. HAHAHA. :P Galing-galing nya. Elibs ako. :)
- Brunch with Pij and Marc.
- Went to Parang para ipa-check si Acey.
- Direchong SM Marikina. Nakabili na ko ng planner sa wakas! ^^
- Visited Pipo sa ospital. Gahd, I hate to see him in that condition. :(
- Went back to SM. Ate dinner at Burgoo with family. Extension ng celebration ng 25th civil wedding anniversary nila. Hehe.

Aun. Oh dba. Hindi kase ako makapag-post ng matino kase busy-busyhan ako. At pag gabi eh wala na kong powers. Haha. Buti na lang malakas ang memory ko. :P

People of the Philippines. Minsan lang ako mag-request. Please pray for the fast recovery of my friend, Pipo. We, his family and friends, need it. Thank you very much.

Lesson: Learn to let things go...

New year's coming in 2 days. I'll be posting my New Year's Resolution soon. Haha.

Enjoy the last days of 2008. ^^

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Merry Christmas!
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Hey hey hey!

Happy Birthday, Papa Jesus!
Merry Christmas, everyone!

I wonder how old Papa Jesus is. ;))

I made this Photoshop-amateur-made image so I could send it to my friends online. Haha. Wala kasing magawa eh. :D

I guess I will need Sir Kesh to criticize my booooooo work. Haha.



Christmas Eve 2008
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Six hours to go before Christmas. :) But hey, don't just wait for Santa Claus, guys. Remember, it's Papa Jesus who is celebrating a birthday. :)

MANY people are oooh so busy today. Including my laviduvz, PJ. I went to the mall and to the market this afternoon and saw a lot of people cramming to buy something for their tables on Noche Buena and for their loved ones (family, friends, inaanak). Then I thought, why was I not as busy as them when in fact I have 8 inaanak and a lot of friends to give gifts to? HAHAHA. Now I realized how KURIPOT I am. =))

Anyway, I love to see people on the streets as if the Philippines is not experiencing a financial crisis. Haha. Haaay. Kahit hirap na hirap na at walang pera, sige pa rin ang mga Pinoy sa pagbili makapag-celebrate lang ng Christmas kasama ang mga mahal sa buhay nila. Naisip ko tuloy ung mga taong nagtitinda sa mga lansangan. Kahit ano na lang ititinda, me maipanghanda lang. Kung mayaman lang ako, bibigyan ko sila isa-isa ng pang-Noche Buena. Kaso di ako mayaman... Ang saklap. XD

Being a abnormal person, I also believe that Santa Claus is coming tonight. ^^ So I am posting here my Christmas Wishlist. :D Maybe Santa Claus will have an interest of reading my blog tonight before he goes to the town to give gifts to children LIKE me. :))

My Christmas Wishlist (not in particular order):
1. World peace. Yes, no kidding. You know, though I don't look like I am worried about what's happening around the world -- the bombing and the like -- I really want these shits to stop. I wish there could be understanding between the two parties... Who knows? Nothing is impossible with God. :)
2. A new camera phone. My goodness, in one more blagag, my phone's saying Bye-bye to the world. OMG. I don't want to wait for that moment. Please, Mom and Dad, have mercy. ~_~ BTW, Nokia 5610 Express Music will do. =))
3. A Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR). My own Nikon D60 DSLR. Haha. Whether it be Canon or Nikon. Remove Sony from the list. Hehe. I super want to have one! It started when I joined TomWeb!, a university organization of student writers and photographers. Haay. I think my kuya owns it. Amp. *inggit*
4. To have PJ's heart again. Hahaay. Gahd, I miss him sooo much! Ilang araw ko na sya hindi nakikita pati nakakausap ng matagal (to think, nung Saturday lang kami huling nagkita, haha). I want to see him on th 25th. I have something for him... :D Babe, Moolah's waiting for you. ^^
5. A date with my girl friends (Zarah, Inah, Angel and Sherry) before this Christmas season ends. Gahd, we haven't seen for centuries.
6. A drinking session with my cousins... again. And it's happening on the night of the 25th. Weeeeeeeee! So excited to be wasted again. Hahaha. Kiddin'. ^^
7. A new blog layout. Hehe. When will I have the motivation to make my own layout? Grrr. Oooh, I guess I should be wishing for motivation. Haha.
8. New bags, shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, purse, necklace, bracelet, shoes, flipflops, dresses... in short, new wardrobe. Haha.♥
9. Rechargeable batteries for my digital camera. Hahaha. Nagkukuripot ako. I don't want to waste my 700 pesos just to buy those effin' 2A batteries. Haha. I wish someone with a good heart could give me those. :P
10. 2008 Planner. I'm okay with the Go Nuts Disorganizer. The Starbucks planner isn't for me... YET. Haha. Di naman ako maluho. Natataon lang kase ng tuwing bibili na ako, out of stock. Haay. Hopefully, tomorrow meron na ko. Hihi. Lapit na rin mag-New Year noh! :D
11. Above all these, my ultimate wish this Christmas is to be closer to the Almighty God. :)

Yey. A couple of hours to go! I am already preparing messages for my loved ones so I could send it at exactly 12:00 midnight (if possible).

I received a quotation from Jels. Hmm, something to think about this Christmas season...
SANTA: Ano problema, Jesus?
JESUS: Selos ako sa 'yo, eh.
SANTA: Sa akin? Bakit?
JESUS: Kasi ikaw ang mas inaabangan ng mga tao sa birthday ko.
something to think about this Christmas. :|

My family and I will be attending the Misa de Aguinaldo tonight in the Our Lady of the Abandoned Shrine at 10:00PM. And I am praying really hard that Monsi will lead the mass. Haay. I wish I could see Pipo, Ate Ning, Kuya Ron, Ate Ruth, Dimple, Ate Caren, and the rest of the team so I can personally greet them. ^^

Thank you, Kuya and Ninong Jerry for your pamasko. Tinanggal nyo sa vocabulary ko ung financial crisis. =)) Pero bakit hindi pa rin natanggal ung kuripot?! Kawawang mga inaanak. Pag nagkatrabaho na lang ako ha? HAHAHA. Of course, thank you sa aking mga magulang para sa araw-araw na pagiging Santa Claus ng buhay ko. ^^

Para sa lahat ng minamahal ko...
Thank you.
I love you.



Will My Wishes Be Granted?
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Kauuwi lang. Pasaway. :D

Well well well. I wasn't able to properly update my blog this past few days. Haha. Didn't you notice my posts? Puro 2 liners lang. Hahaha. Booooooo.

Two days before Christmas. Hindi na naman kami mapakali ng nanay ko sa bahay. Destination: BIR + SM Marikina + Sta. Lucia... Ikot lang. Mini shopping. Haha. Bili sana ko ng planner sa Go Nuts dahil kung sa Starbucks pa ang bubuuin ko, aabutin ako ng January 2010. Haha. Kaso out-of-stock sa SM pati Sta. Lu. Sabotahe. Kain na lang. Chowking. Treat ko. :) Order ko? Pork Chao Fan + Lumpiang Shanghai Toppings. Yummy. *burp*

Nakatulog pa ko pagkatapos ko maglagay ng red nail polish sa aking fingernails. Hahaha.

Went to OLA. Met Baruth, Franz, Caren, Dimple, Ning, Eman, Pipo and Iyan there. Last night of Simbang Gabi. Weeeeeeeee! Ambilis. Parang kelan lang naghihintay lang ako na mag-Christmas. Ngayon, Christmas Eve na. Haay. Aun. Si Father Benny pa rin ang nag-lead ng mass. At naloka na naman ang maraming tao. Tsktsk. Basta ako, nagdadasal. Hehe. After mass, hinatid ko lang sina Mommy tas bumalik ako sa OLA para sumama mangaroling kina Kuya Sherwin. Hinintay pa nila ko. Sweet. Nag-Wii sila. Yeahba! That's so cool! Mukhang masarap mag-tennis at mag-baseball nang nasa bahay ka lang. Haha. Gusto ko tuloy nun. Amp. Kain lang. Spaghetti + Puto + Sprite ng Arabo. Haha. Ang cute. Ang liit. :D Chat with Kuya Sherwin from Dubai. Tas umalis na rin ng mga 12mn. :)

Direchong Starbucks Marquinton. :D Ordered Mocha FRANZ. [Named by Ate Ning] Saglit lang kami kase gabi na rin saka magsasara na. Haha. Onting chikahan, pictures. Uwi na rin. Enjoyed a lot. :)

Last day na ni Pij kanina sa work. Bakasyon na rin nya. Yey. Di na sya pagod-pagod. ^^

Mag-iisip muna ko ng Christmas Wishlist ko mamaya. Ililista ko na sa papel habang nagpapaantok pa ko. Post ko tom. Haha. :P

Hindi pa ko medyo inaantok. Katext ko pa rin si Pipo. Mukhang pwede pa ko umattend ng simbang gabi ng 4:00AM. Haha. :D

Kahit hindi ko nakumpleto ung simbang gabi ngayon, sana ma-grant pa rin ni Lord ung wishes ko... pero kung hindi, okay lang din. Iggrant din naman nya un... di nga lang ngayon. :D Thank you po.

Logout na. Merry Christmas everyone!

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4CSA Christmas Party + Paskuhan 2008
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See my Friendster for photos. ^^

[for contacts only. HAHA.]

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Third Simbang Gabi last night. Father Benny was the priest. Let me ask, what was the gospel all about? Hahaha.

Hangover. Waster. OVER.

I love PJ. No reasons, no explanations. I hope he believes. :(

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Simbang Gabi 2
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Christmas Countdown: 9 days

I sooo love the weather. I don't have to turn on the aircon nor the electric fan just to feel cold. Hihi. Love it.

Woke up at 8:30.. I thought we had our OR class at 11:00-12:00. Fortunately, James PM-ed me that Sir said we wouldn't be having our class because of the seminar. And I was clueless about that seminar. I supposed that was the talk from some people working for NarraSystems, Inc. Oh well.. I was late again. Malakas loob ko because I know that it wouldn't start at exactly 1:00. Knowing them. Haha. I was there at 1:40. The LRT moved like a turtle again. Tsss. Not for emergency use.

The talk started at around 2:30 already. Held by Morris Cruz. I remember my ex-boyfriend when I saw him. Haha. I couldn't resist looking at him; but I never thought of him that much. Hehe. I was still thinking of Naruto and Kakashi Sensei that time. Hihihi. :D Anyway.. Allyson got 3 ID laces. I forced her to give me one of those 3. Cool. I have a new lace for my house keys. Haha. Thank you, Allyson. I'm so lucky you're intelligent! :)) WTF. We did not have our IT112 class again because of the talk.

Attended our ICS5 after the talk. That was our only class. Ma'am Mich wasn't able to come to school because of influenza. Err.

Whoa. For sure, we will be looking forward [or backward] to 3-hour ICS5 + 3-hour Sem1 + IT112 make-up classes when the new year begins. Waaaaaaaaa!

We had our meeting regarding the very fast approaching 4CSA Christmas Party in Laguna. Wiiiiiii! I'm so excited... though I don't have a gift for my exchange buddy yet. Haay. I guess I'll be driving Kuya Nollie's Hi Ace from Laguna to Manila on Friday. OMG. Can I really drive?! Good luck. X_X *quivers*

The meeting ended up at around 6:30. Traffic was in. Got home at 8:30. Rushed Chickenjoy dinner. Attended the 2nd simbang gabi. Father Benny was the priest. 5% better than the priest last night. Sheesh. I wish Father Tom, Father Nestor, Father Alex and Father Jun could have the mass before the 2008 Simbang Gabi ends. I WISH. Maybe I have to include it in my prayers. Haha. :D

ICS5 quiz tom! Gotta study.

Here's mu fuckin' IT112 assignment P03. Please leave negative comments.

Told you, it sucks. Hermar, I love you. *saying these 3 words in the most sarcastic way*

Where's the spark?...

I find myself making a choice between Naruto and Kakashi Sensei. I love them both. But, who do I love more? And who loves me more? Whatever. I guess, loving myself is more important.

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Simbang Gabi 1
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Maraming salamat po sa mga pumunta sa Pangarap sa Bingo nung Sunday para maglaro ng Bingo. Malaking tulong po ito para sa pagsasagawa ng aming proyektong Binubuong Pangarap na magbibigay ng kahit konting kasiyahan para sa mga taga-Binayoyo, Buso-Buso ngayong Pasko. :)

Monday. Pero. Me pasok ako. Nakakatamad kaya kahit alam kong 8:30 na, saka pa lang ako bumangon. Akala ko late na ko, buti na lang pagdating ko wala pa si Sir. Nakatext ko kase si Dan, mga 3 stations ahead sila, kasabay daw nya. Buti na lang nauna pa rin ako. Hihi.

Anong ginawa namin? Nagkopyahan. Ng assignment. Alam nyang mahirap ung assignment nya kaya siguro hinayaan nya na lang kami nagkokopyahan dun. Hahaha. Bad. Pero nakakalito naman talaga kaya un. Tsk. At un lang ang ginawa namin ng isang buong oras. Magkopyahan, magkwentuhan, manood ng maduong video ng operation 5 stitches ni Dan sa cellphone at manghina sa pictures. Pumasok lang si Sir nung 10:55 na para pirmahan ung papel na pinaggagawa namin. Oh di ba, ang saya. Haha. Sana sa bahay ko na lang ginawa tas ginaya ko na lang ung pirma. Ni hindi man lang nagcheck ng attendance. Pft.

Umuwi na rin ako agad pagtapos. Me mass sana ako ng 5:00 pero hindi na lang ako nagpunta, since hindi naman required, hindi naman ako naghahabol ng food stubs at magsisimbang gabi naman ako. Natulog na lang ako. Ang sarap pala matulog. :))

Simbang gabi na! Kasama ko si Mommy, Tita Edith and Marc. Plus PJ. My first simbang gabi with him. ^^ Nakita ko rin si Inah. Kasama rin dapat namin sya kaso hindi na lang daw. Anyway, aun nga. Si Father Pasion ang pari. Grabe. Nakakaloka! Unang-una, akala ko si Monsignor Balibago ang magmimisa dahil nga first night. Tas aun. Gospel pa lang, putol na. Nadagdagan pa ng Homily na wala pang 5 minutes. Ama Namin na walang hawak-kamay. At pagpila para sa Communion na walang Consecration. Hindi ko alam kung dahil sa baba ng dugo nya [110/60 daw ang BP nya bago nag-mass], o inaantok sya o lasing or what. Hehe. Nakakaloka talaga. First night pa naman un. T_T Sana sa iba pang gabi, maayos na...

Aun. Tambay Kapitan Moy. Kain fishballs + sago ni Ate Ruth. Nakausap pa namin ang aking DMT friends -- mangangaroling sila samin sa Saturday. Haha. Hatid Tita Edith. Tambay Pij sa bahay. Nood Dubai. 12:30 uwi. [Namiss ko si Pij kase hindi kami nagkita ng matagal ng more than a week. :|] Tulog. Kahit mahaba ang tulog ko nung hapon, bakit ang sarap-sarap matulog. Lamig-lamig kase... :) Sana katabi ko si Naruto o kaya si Kakashi Sensei. ^^

Wala ko maikwento. Basta, my second poster assignment in IT112 SUCKS!!! :)) No plans of posting it here... yet. :D

9 days to go before Christmas. Weeeeeeeeee! :)

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Be unafraid.
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Be unafraid. That was what I got when I pointed to Ma'am Tin's mahiwagang Papemelroti thing. Hehe. Hmmm? Where do I have to apply that principle in life? :/

Here I am again. Just wanna share with you what happened in this effin' life of mine a few days ago. [When I wasn't active here in Blogger. Acting busy. Hehe.]

06 December 2008, Saturday

- Late na naman ako sa OR class ko. Wala akong assignment. Buti na lang hindi pala ipa-pass. Haha. 30 minutes lang ata ako nakapagklase. Pinauwi na rin nya kami pagkatapos nyang magsulat at magpakalat-kalat sa labas. Hehe. Matagal pa ung binyahe ko sa ipinasok ko. Tsk.
- Gumawa na naman ako ng washing machine naming ang sarap-sarap na sirain lalo. Congrats, Mommy. Me nakuha na naman akong dalawang piso. Pandagdag sa allowance ko. HAHA. :D
- Punta Pij sa bahay para sunduin ako. Punta kami World Trade Center. Sa Megamall sana kaso ang aking mahal na ama ay nakiusap na sumunod na lang daw kami sa WTC dahil pupunta sya ng burol ng isang yumaong heneral at walang maiiwan kina Mommy. Aun. Shopping.. si Pij. Haha.
- SM Mall of Asia after. Tambay lang sa Sunset Avenue. [or Boulevard ba un? Whatevs. Basta sa tabing-dagat.] Ikot sandali sa loob. Orbitz + BBQ-flavoured fries. :)
- Naligaw pa kami. Buti na lang lumabas kami sa EDSA! Yeahba. Kaso hanggang Ayala lang. Amp. Hindi kineri ng powers ng mga pasahero kong si Mommy at PJ. Tsktsk. Weeeeeak. :))
- Bibingka.
- Nood ng 24 7 sa GMA7. Lives of Manny Pacquiao and Oscar Dela Hoya. Adik sya. Antok na antok na ko, buhay na buhay pa rin sya. Sa wakas, tumaob ako ng 50% sa kanya sa puyatan. ^^ Pero pag-akyat namen sa Antipolo, inaya ko pa sya sa overlooking. Sarap dun. Lamig. :) Sana lagi ko sya makasama dun... Haay.

07 December 2008, Sunday

- Puyat.
- Watched PacMan-Golden Boy match. Manny Pacquiao wins on the 8th round! TKO. Whoa! Congratulations, Pilipinas! Yihaaaa! ^^
- Duty sa OLA at 0430PM. Garage Sale + BP.
- Marky Cielo was dead. :(
- Caroling with Eco-DMT at Juanson and Miclat family. Spaghetti + Red Ribbon. Yummy. :P
- Visited at Kuya Doc. [Please pray for his soul to Rest In Peace...]
- Strolled in Antipolo with Cha and Dennis.
- PJ: tinulugan na naman ako. :D

08 December 2008, Monday

- Frustrated Landbank client. Haha.
- Went to Sta. Lucia to eat lunch and to buy something for Pij's family. ^^
- Dropped by Rob to buy Marc's art materials.
- Naki-fiesta kina PJ sa Antipolo! ^^
- Met his family: his mom, dad, sister and two brothers. :)
- Attended the mass @0630PM. Fireworks.
- Brought back the past... Bitterness comes.
- Went home at around 1030PM. Hatid ako Pij sa bahay.
- Kwentuhan lang. [With my mom. Err. Istorbo. Haha. Peace, Mommy.]
- Loved the sincerity of his kiss...

09 December 2008, Tuesday

- Pasok na naman. Late na naman sa OR class. [1100AM-1200NN] Badtrip!
- Had lunch with Dan, James, Gian and Leona. Pork Adobo my favorite! :D [1200NN-0200PM]
- Sir Kesh was absent because he was sick. Obviously, no Multimedia class. [0200PM-0400PM]
- Sir De Alban was not around as he said last meeting. [0400PM-0500PM]
- Tambay sa Guidance from 0100PM until 0500PM. Had my effin' mock and exit interview with Ma'am Tin. Asked me to describe myself, explain database to my 8-year-old nephew, blah blah blah. BOKYA!!! [Although it was not actually graded.] If I were the employer, I wouldn't accept myself as an employee of my company. BWAHAHAHA! I didn't have any preparations, what do you expect? Err. Haay. We also discussed my weaknesses in life. Quite good, I guess. I GUESS. Haha. Ma'am Tin! Take 2! :))
- Sem1 Activity + Quiz. [0530PM-0730PM] My score? A bloody 12 out of 39. Syet. What a grade? O_O Anyway, I wasn't alone. Almost 3/4 of the class, I guess, failed. Nyaha! Re-take! Re-take! Re-take! =))
- Oplan Ikot USTe with my classmates. Kwentuhan. Harutan. Tawanan. Haaay. It seemed like it was our last day on earth. Haha. Unfortunately, no one brought a camera. :( But anyway, we also had our meeting regarding the 4CSA Christmas Party. Yihaaa! Too many plans, too many struggles. HAHAHA. :P
- Ipis on the jeep. Bullsh*t. Hehe.
- Pij's basketball team won! Congrats, Babe. :) *apir*

Will anyone care to read?

Not in the mood. I was just refreshing my memory... to avoid memory gap. :|

I love him. Words just aren't enough.

Everything's going to be fine...

IT254 assignment + IT253 finals on Thursday. Wish me luck... good luck.

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I miss my Cybershot. :(

I was watching Witch Yoo-Hee [actually just to see Chae Moo Ryong and Johnny Kruger] but I fell asleep. I left the laptop open again the whole night!!! My mom almost killed me when she saw it in the morning. Haha.

I took Blogthings quiz. I saw it from Karyll's blog and I was encouraged to answer some of the quizzes I haven't taken yet. It's random. Hehe.
What's your hidden talent?

You are a great communicator. You have a real way with words. You're never at a loss to explain what you mean or how you feel. People find it easy to empathize with you, no matter what your situation. When you're up, you make everyone happy. But when you're down, everyone suffers.
I believe in the last two statements. Haha. It really is me. :))

I took another.
What kind of blogger are you? You are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary. If it happens, you blog it. And you make it as entertaining as possible. You may be guilty of over-sharing a bit on your blog, but you can't help it. Your life is truly an open book. Or in this case, an open blog!
Oha, it's true right? :D

And this another Blogthing was the hit. HAHA.
How well do you know your man? What you know about your guy: a fair amount.

You know enough about your guy to keep dating him. But you don't know enough to decide if he's the one. If you've been dating for less than six months, give it time. Otherwise, he might be hiding a secret side of himself!
Okay. That's all. Haha.

I actually don't believe in these things. Although sometimes, it really matches my answers. Oh well, maybe, it's just a coincidence. HEHE. All you have to do is to find the answers to your questions yourself -- not to depend on any other things like Blogthings, etc. Right? Right. :)

We did not have our IM252 class tonight because Ma'am Kat [I guess, the other faculties also] will be on the whatever Christmas Party of the Faculty of Engineering. Mark GM-ed this morning the makeup class will be next week. *yes* I was also hoping that we will not have CS108 class tomorrow [again]. I formally/informally texted Sir Reyes:
Sir, good afternoon. Will we have our OR class @ 10-11 tomorrow? I hope to receive a response from you. Thank you. :) -- Angela Solomon, 3CSB
Fortunately, he responded. Unfortunately, "yes". Tragedy. My world almost fell apart. Also Dan's and James'. :[

What happened the whole afternoon?

1. We fetched Marc in OLOPSC -- where I graduated from high school. I miss that place. Angel texted me saying that Mat saw me. They were together pala. :D Why didn't they show up to me? Haha. Ehrm, I saw the tarpaulin announcing the Grand Alumni Homecoming of High School Batch 1986-2008 on the 20th of December. Haay. I wish I could come. :|

Photo on the right: OLOPSC Gate 5. That was where Kuya Noel, my school service fetched me before. But hey, that wasn't my uniform. Mine was a white long-sleeved blouse. Loser, I wasn't able to take a picture. Amp.

2. Bought an exaggeratedly baked pan de sal in Pan de Amerikana along Gen. Ordoñez Street. It was so big I find it cute. HAHAHA. I ate 3. Good appetite? :D I want to come back there. I ooh soo love the ambiance. Stress-releasing. Hehe. :)

3. Dropped by Genelite Auto Shop in Parang. Had Acey checked. Spark plugs + Change oil is what Acey needs. Met the owner, Eugene. He was a graduate of 5-year ME at TIP Manila. He's so good. He's my new idol. :)) I want to be his student. I want him to be my guru. I want to learn more in automotive. Yihaa! When I study automotive in MIST, I will have my OJT [if there is, HAHA] @ Eugene's shop. ^^

4. Went to Dinso's house. Chikahan ever. They said I'm mabait. Haha. WAG NAMAN DAW MUNA AKO MAG-ASAWA. =)) They were all paranoid. LOL. While waiting for them to finish their chikahan, I strolled with Acey. Marc and my pamangkins, Kathleen and MJ, joined. Amazed when I reached the World of Butterflies. Dun pala direcho nun pag dinirecho un! HAHAHA. Cool. :o

5. Blue Wave @ Marquinton. Saw the Yuletide Bazaar on the parking lot. 18000Php for tenants from December 1-31. Hehe. Not interested. :)) The band playing sweet songs was cool. Though his voice wasn't as good as Yael's. X_X Bought poster paints for Marc's Art assignment. Ate at KFC -- Crispy Strips + Mountain Dew + Fries [as I always order]. :D Met up Daddy there. Saw Trish, Alyza and Michelle. Bought Mommy's medicines @ Watson's. Saw the Watson's 2009 Planner. I like Starbucks'/Go Nuts Donut Planner more. HAHA. Heard one song from the playing band on the Bazaar. Bought Brownie Fudge ala mode. Excited to eat. *smiles*

6. Had my hair trimmed @ Artista Salon. Literally trimmed. Haha. Shorter bangs. More manageable hair. Eyebrows fixed. Haha. Lumalandi lang. :P

Photo on the left: Vanity at the parlor after having my hair and eyebrows fixed. :)

7. Ate my ice cream. Blog. Wait for Pij's call. Do my assignment. Sleep.

I'm currently thinking about my Christmas Wishlist. There are only 20 days and 1 hour to go before Christmas! Yihaaa! I'm sooo excited! LOL.

Tomorrow is Pij Day. :) I am not going with my classmates in SM San Lazaro to watch Twilight though I am the one responsible for that idea. HAHA. [Yeah, I'm such a loser I haven't watched Twilight yet. Aw. Poor BIG girl. Hehe.] Pij and I will have a date. Hehe. I won't take this day for granted. We did not see each other for the whole week. Imagine that?! Err. I miss him BIG TIME... whether he believes me or not. HAHA. :P So I will murder Sir Reyes if he will not show up tomorrow for our effin' one-hour OR class!

What a day.

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Woke up at 1130AM. One-hour IT254 class @ 0100PM. Came to school at 0130PM. Hahaha.

I did not go to the CFAD's House of Light models screening. Not in the mood. I did not have the motivation AT ALL. Haaay.

We did not have our Multimedia class because the lab that we were supposed to use was being cleaned at that time.. for the preparation for the PAASCU pips visit. Err. Of all the subjects not to have, why Multimedia? :<

Had a meeting for our SRM quiz-slash-assignment.

Two-hour Ethics class. Boriiiiiing... I couldn't relate to the topic. Haha. Or I just wasn't interested. Hehe. Forgive me, Sir De Alban. O_O

Another two-hour IT254 class. IP Addressing on the go.. again. Haay. Brain bleeding. Anyway, I already knew the result of my first quiz. Not so good. Not so bad. Just the right blend. =)) I wish I could make it higher next quiz. Wiiiii! Wish me luck. ^^

I was paranoid.. I looked everywhere not expecting to see that little poor guy who sucked last night. Whew. I just calmed down when I reached our home safely. Haaay.

Congrats, PJ! Job well done! :) 2 more days to go. Good luck and.. I miss you.

Happy birthday, Carol Benavidez! Best wishes. ^^

Got to study for my CS107 quiz tomorrow.. and do my effin' OR assignment. Err. Sir Reyes won't be teaching on our class tomorrow.. Very good. I can go to my IT253 Finals review. Yihaaa! :D *takas mode*


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UST @400 Unending Grace
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I was late. And it sucked. Sir Reyes was sitting in front of the classroom. I was with Lloyd rushing in. Now we know what he is doing when he goes out of the classroom in the middle of the class. Nyaha.

Aircon temperature @ room 52: 35 degrees. Damn. It would have been colder if we just opened the windows and doors and turned on the electric fans. Err. Good thing I had my magic bestfriend pamaypay. ^^

Our OR lesson was about Graphical Solution. When I entered the classroom, it seemed like I was allergic to graphs, plotting, intercepts, slope.. Err. I already buried them.. then now I'm seeing them again.. and even working with them! He gave us an assignment regarding this. Err. Hate it. Oh well, I have no choice but to do it.. who knows, I may be a successful researcher in the future. Hahaha. Not even in my dreams. ~_~

He won't be coming to our class on Thursday but he'll be leaving us something to do. Err. Good.. I can leave.. so I can have my review for my IT253 Finals on December 11. Tgsh. O_O

2-hour vacant. Gian and I stayed in the library.. I was there supposedly to study for our Sem1 quiz, and Gian to abuse the computers in the Internet Section. Since I had my laptop with me, I tried connecting to the UST@400 Unending Grace. It was cool. I was connected. Haha. That was why I ended up reading blogs, chatting with PJ, checking mails, etc. But of course, I still scanned my Sem1 files. I was assuming that the exam would be easy because the types were multiple choice, true or false, analogy and a surprise.

I left there at around 0135PM. And dropped by Mcdo to buy Burger McDowith Large Fries and Coke Float for my lunch. Hehe. I am oooh sooo addicted to McDo stuff. :D

0200PM -- Multimedia class with Sir Kesh. The whole 2-hour period was used to laugh and criticize each and everyone's work of art. WAHA. There were some who did a good job, there were some who did their best.. but just wasn't enough. Including me. Hahaha.

How PREPARATORY!!! =)) I made this poster of impression for only a few minutes. [Yabang. HAHAHA.] I'm sorry. Hahaha. Loser. I was so ashamed when Sir Kesh projected it to the class.. though he said positive comments on it. [Just like what he did to other works even if those were as ugly as Ma'am Chokies. HAHA. Bad.] Ooh well. That was his way of teaching. From our works, he would tell the DO's and DONT's and tenenen.. we're learning. Promise. I learned a lot. :)

When he saw Hermar's poster, he gave the third assignment. AMP! I'll kill you, Hermar! =)) He asked us to make another poster using the objects Hermar used in his poster. Oooh. Effin' challenging. :|

ICS5 -- nothing much interesting to talk about. Aside from this, he's wearing a cute yummy violet long sleeves. Hahaha. I'm not fantasizing.. with Sir de Alban. Just with his long sleeves. Don't make it an issue. :))

Sem1. Whew. We had our first Segment Activity! Whoa. Do the layout using HTML. Yeahba! Love it. Hahaha. But honestly, it challenged me. Hahaha. I almost forgot how to use the other tags. Hehe. Fortunately, I was still able to finish it. Cool. 7 HTML files in 2.30 hours. LAKAS! I wish we could just have HTML for the whole term. :))

That's how my academic day ended. More challenges. ^^

I miss PJ. :(

I want to relieve his stress. He worked 13 hours today. Huhu. I added another stress in his life when I told him about that fckin' little poor guy. Err. The hell. Tsk.

Going back.. I saw a picture in his FS album. Sensei. [?] We bought it in Ynares last Saturday. Haha. Cute. Allow me to post this picture that you uploaded here. :P

That's all. Got nothing more to say. Tomorrow will be the CFAD's House of Light screening! I guess I won't come. :|

Pag mahal mo, nalulungkot ka kapag di mo natatapatan pagmamahal nya.
That is how I feel. Thank you, Sir Odchi, for this GM.

Baboosh! ^^

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Little Poor Guy
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First day of school for the week.

I just got home from school. Kahit 3-hour lab ung last subject ko eh umabot pa rin kami ng past 0800PM dahil sa first activity namin sa Sem1. [Mamaya ikkwento ko. Wait lang.] Almost 0820PM na rin nung nakaalis ako ng USTe. Madali namang sumakay. Hindi naman masyadong traffic.. o hindi ko lang naramdaman dahil paggising ko nasa EDSA na ko. Haha. :D

Hirap sumakay sa Cubao. Actually, hindi naman mahirap. Maarte lang ako at namimili pa ko. Gusto ko ung saktong titigil sa harap ko. At me sounds. Na patok. After about 15 minutes na palakad-lakad lang ako dun at patayo-tayo at talaga namang nakakabadtrip, sa wakas, ung hinihintay kong jeep dumating na. Dahil wala akong choice, sa dulo ako malapit sa konduktor napaupo. Okay lang kahit gitgitan. Iniisip ko na lang, saglit lang ang biyahe, o kaya matutulog na lang ako. Kaso iba inabot ko.

Me katabi akong mama. Gitgit ng gitgit sakin. Maluwag man o hindi. Hindi ko alam kung pano ko ikkwento tulad ng pagkwento ko sa totoong buhay sa nanay ko.. basta to make the long story short: hindi masayang matsansingan at lalong hindi masayang i-stalk!!! BUSHET SYA. Anung akala nya sakin?! Tsk. Kaazar talaga un.

LESSON: Maglakad na lang pauwi. Hehe. Joke. Hindi ako proud na na-experience ko yan.. gusto ko lang i-share sanyu lalo na sa aking mga friends na girlaloos na wag masyado magpagabi ng uwi kung hindi naman kelangan. Nagkalat na ang masasamang nilalamang sa mundo.. at nang magsabog ata ang Diyos ng kakapalan ng mukha, sinalong lahat nung lalaking un. Badtrip! Basta.. mag-iingat palagi. Panic.. then calm down.

Pati tuloy si PJ na stressed na stressed sa trabaho, naistorbo ko pa kanina. Bwiset na lalaki kase un! Kala nya. Lul sya. Amp.

*Sorry for the terms I used. Kung kayo ung nasa kalagayan ko, mababadtrip talaga kayo. Pero nakakaawa sya noh? Kelangan pa nya sa iba ibunton ung L nya sa katawan.. wala bang nagttyaga sa kanya? Little poor guy... :/

Forget about that little poor guy thing. All I know and I also want you guys to know is he really deserves HELL. X(


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Ramdam na ramdam ko ang long weekend. Kahit umalis ako ng Saturday, buong araw naman ako ng Linggo nagpakaburo sa bahay. Ni hindi ako nakapagsimba at nakapagduty dahil sa pagiging considerate ko sa mood ng lahat ng tao dito.

First Sunday of the Advent pa naman kahapon. Huhu. :(

Anyway. Today is a nonworking holiday. Meaning, wala dapat pasok ang mga empleyado at estudyante. Bat kami ni PJ hindi apektado? Pumasok pa rin sya kanina. Wala naman talaga akong pasok ng Monday. Corny noh? Amp.

Nagbabad lang ako sa net maghapon.. Ayokong makisabay sa init ng ulo ng mga tao dito. Gumawa ako nung IT112 assignment kong pang-Prep. Nangain ng sangkatutak na cheesecake. At natulog nung hapon dahil sa sakit ng ulo at mata na inabot ko sa ilang araw ko nang pagbabad sa laptop. Plus sipon. Haay. Kawawang Angela. :|

Nagising lang ako nung tumawag si PJ. Dilim na un. Paalis na raw sya ng office at pupunta raw sya dito samin. Pero hindi ko na pinapunta. Pumayag na lang akong sa Rob kami magkita. Isa pa, gusto ko talaga umalis. Okay na rin na sya ung kasama ko. Baka Saturday na kase ulit kami magkikita. O baka Monday pa kung matuloy ung makeup classes ko ng Saturday. :(

Nagkita lang kami sa Rob. Sa Tiyangge sa Ilog kame nagpunta. Haha. Wala lang. Ikot-ikot lang. Walang magawa eh. Bumili sya damit. Gusto ko rin bumili. Pero ayoko. Haha.

Sa Okavango kami kumain. Sisig + Korean BBQ Silog for him + BBQ Liempo for me + Bottomless Iced Tea. Hehe. B-U-S-O-G. Namiss ko ung gig dun. Ganda ng versions nila nung mga kanta. ^^

Ngayon lang ulit ako nakapunta dun. Nung isang beses, kasama ko si Dracz. Kaming dalawa lang. Last year lang din un. Tamang bonding lang. Pero ung huling punta ko dun, active member pa ko ng Kalad Group. Namiss ko tuloy ung Eco-DMT barkada ko... :/

Sa totoo lang, wala talaga ako sa mood ngayong araw dahil sa mga tao sa bahay at sa wrong timing kong sipon. Pero happy ako kase nakasama ko si PJ kahit saglit lang. Medyo naging okay na rin ako. :)

Thank you sa treat. Mamimiss ulit kita. Pati ung lakas ng pang-aasar mo. :))

Wala lang. Me Sem1 na naman kami tom. Matuloy na kaya ung ilang linggo na naming nauudlot na quiz? Haha. Sana. Nang mabawasan na intindihin. :D

Un lang. Tutulog na rin ako. Me pasok na naman tom. Bilis ng araw. Maya-maya, Simbang Gabi na naman. Sana makumpleto ko na ulit. ^^

Today is Ate Ann's birthday. She's my online friend. I knew her in BrokenHearted Room. [a chatroom in YM] Happy birthday, Ate Ann! Best wishes.

Good night.

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