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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

I can be reached everywhere.
YM. Plurk. E-mail. Facebook. Twitter. Friendster. Multiply. Tumblr.

say anything like you mean it.

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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Congratulations 2009 Graduates!
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After 15 years of going to school, asking for baon, wearing my school uniform, being late in my first class, listening until I get bored to my professors, doing assignments, staying up late to finish projects/case studies/thesis, having sleepless nights, asking for considerations from professors, worrying about my grades, chatting with my schoolmates, and a whole LOT more, at last, i had graduated from college!

24 quarterly periods, 6 school years in elementary.
16 quartely periods, 4 school years in high school.
8 semesters, 4 academic years in college.

On the 28th day of March 2009, held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas administrators shook hands with the 670+ graduates the Faculty of Engineering has produced as they congratulated and welcomed us to the real world -- the BUM world. Hahaha! That means, 670+ people will be unemployed and 670+ people will add to the problem of the society. =))

It was so fulfilling, I had my whole family with me during the most important day of my life, so far. I dedicate this to my parents who have always been there since then to support me in everything I do. They have been my strength and inspiration as I went through all the hardships of being a student. I know I did not graduate being a summa, magna or cum laude, but at least, I have let them join me to the PICC and see me marching wearing my graduation cap and gown as the ever famous graduation song was being played.

Now, as I enter the real world, I am not yet sure where I will be going but I will forever use what I learned from all my experiences and from all the people I had been with in 15 years. I will forever cherish ALL the moments I had during my school days, especially those moments when I feel so not alone knowing I have my whole family, friends, classmates, batchmates, schoolmates, and all the people I had get along with.

Thank you for everything.


Good luck and God bless.

Ma. Angela Solomon y Solis
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
University of Santo Tomas
España, Manila

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Woke up at 10AM. Dreamt of the iPod Classic. :)) And one cigarette pack I smoked for a day. OMG. Will I be a chain smoker in the future? :<
Surf the internet. Tabs open the whole day: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, ICSA05 Yahoo! Groups, Friendster, Peyups, my blog, Quotesbox and Plurk. ^^
Ate lunch. My mom's Pininyahan. One of my favorites.
Washed the dishes.
Took a bath. Body scrub. :D
Had a nap.
Had my fingernails and toenails done. Pedicure & manicure for the first time. 4 nails bled. Huhuhu.
Hair curled by my sister-in-law.

Acey be back to us by Saturday afternoon. Tsk.
Planned to go to SM Marikina to buy shoes for my graduation on Saturday but the rain poured. Amf.
Aaron Paul told me about the model screening through Friendster comment. I sent a message to the coach. The message was:
Amp. Lkas ng ulan.. Nsan payong m? Ingat ka pg-uwi.. L0veyou..
I sent a wrong message!!! That message was what I sent to my boyfriend. What I was really trying to send was the one I saved in my Drafts including my name, age and address. What a shame... :((

Bored. Bored. Bored.
That's my day today. Tomorrow will be our Orientation for the Solemn Investure. And the turnover party by Engineering COMELEC. So excited. Kaso uniform. Boooo, Sir AD!


*another BUM day*

Third Month
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Yesterday was our 3rd monthsary. :)

Saturday is PJ Day. And yes, the celebration was extraordinary. Really. He made it possible.

We had no plans until 12 noon. He called me up at home while I was busy browsing on the internet. Hahah. It has never been easy to be a bum. :((

Aun, around 3PM umalis na kami. Bitbit ko si Acey kaya less hassle na rin. We went to Calumpang to look for mountain bikes. Few stores were open since Saturday un. Me nakita naman sya, out of the budget lang. Be back there soon. :P

Went to Sta Lucia after.
Brought my graduation dress to LaundryShoppe. Ready for pick-up on Friday @1PM. Aw.
Barbecue Fries by Potato Corner. PJ's flavor of choice.
SHopping. Store Hopping. Nagpagod ng paa. Haha.
Played billiards. Yeahba! After sooo many years, ngayon lang ulit ako nakapaglaro. Eh bago naman kami nakalaro, naikot na namin ung buong Sta Lu at Rob. Hahaha. Score? 2-2. Anu ba yan... Pero puro talaga ako sablay, nakatsamba lang. LOL. :)) No pictures, err. Masyado kong tensed at pressured, hindi ko na naisip magpicture. Hahaha. Next time. :D
Ate Goldilock's dinner. Lasagna and Lumpiang Shanghai for him. My ever favorite Breaded Porkchop for me. F-U-L-L. :P

Enjoyed the rest of the night at 22nd St. - Antipolo City. Whoa. That's a first time with him, again. =) When we arrived there at around 9PM, nag-sstart na. The hosts were: Jhey-Ar (Kamukha ni Mot. JR din si Mot. Haha. Peace, Mot.), Alecz (Pogi. Lalaking-lalaking bading. Pinaka-wholesome sa kanila. Haha.), Curacha (Mas babae pa sakin. Pero mas malaki sakin. Loves to work out and chat. Hahaha.), Elmoe (Parang si Sweet. Greeny pero keri lang. Tamang timpla. Haha.) and Ian Redd (Pinakanakakaloka sa kanilang lima. Pinakamamura, pinakamahipo, pinakabrutal at pinakamaingay. Hehe.). They're really sooo as in funny. :)) Sumakit tiyan ko dun. Di ko naramdaman ung tama ng San Mig Light na dati naman first bottle pa lang parang tataob na ko. :)) Although literally green jokes at nakakamatay na pangungutya ng ibang tao ang ginawa nila, nakakatawa pa rin. Bat kaya ganun? Hahaha. Aun... Basta masaya. :) 1AM umalis na rin kami dun nung nag-exit muna ang bonggang-bonggang hosts at featured band na ung magpeperform.

Overnight siya sa bahay namin. :) Nakaw-tulog. Took some pictures. Watched movie/videos. Surfed the net. Pigil antok. :P Almost 6AM na sya nakauwi. Hehe.

In the 3 months that we've been together, different emotions were present - happy, sad, angry, glad, irritated, stressed, pressured, tensed, bored, curious, worried, excited, cared - but what's special is, we never forget we have always been loved. Each morning I wake up, I always find myself smiling knowing he's still there despite some misunderstandings we effin' couldn't avoid. Anypoo, I hope we can always be able to face everything God is giving us. 3 months may not be too long for some people, but for me, it has made me feel so grateful. 90 days weren't easy to live; but within that span of time, I have changed, been inspired and felt loved all because of one person - PJ.

Thank you for everything. Sorry for all the pains and hardships I've been causing you. I love you and I really do.

Words may not always be enough to express what someone feels. But at least, I tried. I don't want to die without telling you these. :)

*mushy mode*

Oh, if nothing lasts forever, then will you be my nothing?

After 15 Years
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Confirmed. I'll be graduating on the 28th of March! ^^

After all the school crams, headache due to sleepless nights, wasted looks, empty wallets, typical classroom scenarios, sermons from professors and parents, I'll be marching on PICC. All efforts exerted are worth it.

We stayed in UST from morning til afternoon just to consult our professors regarding our status. Tensions almost ate us up. But we remained strong and faithful. Yeah. This is a really great feeling... :)

Happy 21st Birthday, Inah!
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Happy 21st Birthday, Inah!

Completion: 100%
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I am dead tired.

9AM, I was already at school. I had my final examination in Cisco 1. Another Packet Tracer activity similar to the one we had as a practice last night with Teacher Allyson and other classmates. The network address was the same. Only the passwords were changed. I fortunately got 100%. Yihaaaa! It was the first time in my entire college life that I got a sparkling 100% in final exam. Hehe. I'm so happy and proud of myself.. I can already configure a network. Hahaha. Maybe, I can be a future network administrator. What do you think? ^^ HAHAHA. Not in my line.

3 hours bum. I had my McDo lunch again. This time, I ordered McNuggets. And Coke Float again. Yum. Had a review for our Automata Finals. Err. I didn't understand anything. Tsk. I even took a nap, but I woke up when Steph said, "Gising! Baka bumagsak ka!" Then I tried to understand what I couldn't really understand. HAHA.

We had our Automata Finals with 4CSB in hell, i mean, in room 59. The air conditioning unit could not support the more or less 70 students inside. Err. I felt like I was in hell. Ang iniiiiiit! I could not concentrate with the examination.. though I didn't have anything to concentrate with. Hahaha. The coverage was literally from cover to cover. Tgsh. Unfortunately, I still lack 0.5 points for me to pass the subject. And I am a little worried because I might not get that 0.5 points anymore. Huhuhuh. (Shoo, think positively!)

One-hour break. Merienda in Chubby Kitchen. I bought Brownies and Choco Slice in Goldilocks with Allyson. We saw Ma'am Steph. Aww. We missed her. She was our Guidance Counselor way back first year college. (Honestly, I like her more than our current guidance counselor. Shhh.) She's still the same pretty Ma'am Steph I have ever known! ^^ I wonder why she hasn't married anyone yet. [?]

6PM - Cisco 2 Final Examination. Another Packet Tracer activity. another 100%. Bang bang awooooo! *GAME KNB? tune* I may have finished earlier if not because of my carelessness. Err. Anyway, it was really a very big day for me. 2 100%'s from my 2 Cisco classes. Great me! :P

This photo was taken after the exam. Oh yea, beside me is Bernard. Yes. Bernard Cue. Whoa! I guess I should have this picture framed. Hahaha.

I went home after the exam. I still have to do the Segment 3 for our segment presentation in Sem1 tomorrow, finish the thesis documentation revisions and study for our re-scheduled Multimedia Final Examination.

2 more days to go and I'll be *hopefully* ending this student life. Gahd. I can't imagine I'll be graduating from college already. I don't know what to feel.

That's it. I should be starting now. I rather close the Plurk, Blogger, Friendster, Multiply and Facebook tabs now. Hihi.

[04Mar2009] Belated happy birthday to Willan Caimol and Diane Kate De Asis! :)

Babush! Be back on Saturday. :]

PS: I miss my boyfriend. BIG TIME.

It's by God's grace we can endure and persevere through any test, for when our weakest moments come, God's strength is at its best.

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Finish the Thesis documentation revision. Cisco1 assignment: documentation for the 3 Packet Tracer activities. Study for Cisco2 and Automata Final Examinations tomorrow. Accomplish the OR seatwork that I forgot to pass last week. Have a hard copy of the 100-0 essay in Ethics. Do Segment 3 for Sem1. That's it? Ugh. So many things to do, so little time. See, I have a lot to do. But I can still afford to post this blog. Haha. Patay na naman ako nito. :D

Today is the second day of the our FINAL final examination week. As of now, I am still confident that I'll be marching on the PICC Stage. Ewan ko lang sa mga susunod na araw. HAHA. =))

As usual, I had slept on the sofa here dito sa sala (eto ang bago kong venue simula nung naging masyado na kong busy, hahaha) and left my kawawang laptop open for the nth time. I wasn't able to study too much since I was really sleepy when I got home from school. Oh well, I have always been sleepy. Hahaha. Also, the coverage of Cisco exam was exaggerated so I didn't bother to study. Hahaha. Tapang. :P

I did not study for our Ethics exam although the coverage was given. E-Commerce Law, Labor Code, Negotiable Instruments. I was never interested with those kinds of topics. Really. Or maybe, I was just not in the mood to study for it. Haha. Ethics over Cisco? Tss. Of course, Cisco. Peace, King. :]

I woke up this morning hearing the conversation of my mom and our neighbor outside - since I was sleeping on the sofa. It was around 9AM already. Imagine, I studied my 9-chapter exam in Cisco for more than an hour only. HAHAHA. Ganyan ako kagaling! :))

I had my lunch (na parang breakfast) then I left the house. Surprisingly, after 4 years in college, it was the very first time na nagkasabay kami ni Glenn papasok. As in. Haha. Oh well, little kwentuhan. Tulad ko, late din sya. At mas late sya. 1PM pasok ko, 12:30 sya. 12:30 nasa LRT na ko. Sya, nasa LRT pa lang din. Oh di ba. Mas late sya. :P Aun, natuwa lang ako kase nga ngayon lang kami nagkasabay. At least, bago man lang ako grumaduate. Haha. Wala lang...

Boredom sa LRT.

Almost 1:15 na ko dumating sa Lab 3. Buti na lang kaka-start lang nila. After 1 hour, I submitted the 56-item Final Exam. The passing is 75%, I got 75.2%. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Thank you for my resourceful classmates. >:) Still, I am worried. I only have a final grade of 61.0%. I have to get 18.5 points from Sir Amante for me to pass Cisco2. Oh c'mon, where the hell will I get 18.5? Haha. Good luck. GOOD LUCK!

I just my calling card printed and cut during our break. Unfortunately, Photoprints did not cut it. Fortunately, Kuya Gian has a pair of scissors. :D

50 Calling Cards. Design by Mr. Peter John Tolentino. Edited by me. ^^

Ethics Final Exam @4PM. Kasabay namin 4CSB. 72 students in 1 classroom. Err. Contract and 1 out of 50 calling cards were submitted. The exam was easy. But it wasn't really easy. Haha. I said I didn't study. No wonder I found it difficult. :P After taking the exam, there was this bigayan-of-calling-cards moment outside the room. Haha. I got cards from my soon-to-be-CEO classmates. They also got mine. I have about 30+ on hand yet. Want one? ^^

Yea, I am with John. XD

I brought my camera. And I let myself and my other classmates be vain. We had picture-taking anywhere. Haha. Visit my Multiply site for more of our vanity. :P

I appreciated Cisco after having a review this afternoon with Teacher Allyson. :D Completion: 100% Yeahba! Haha. Thanks, Ally. I wish I could pass the Cisco1 and Cisco2 Final Exams. If I do, I will treat you to McDo. EVER! :))

We had our dinner at McDonald's. Bonding moment na rin. Hehe.

I saw Kuya Martin my favorite! ^^ He was the Tech Support in STePS - where I had my on-the-job training. He was my closest "boss" there. Haha. It was unexpected. I just saw him when I crossed España Blvd. Hehe. I wish I could see him more often before I totally leave the university. :P

Please see my:
Multiply - http://angelasolomon.multiply.com/
Tumblr - http://angelasolomon.tumblr.com/
for more pictures. :)
Plurk - http://plurk.com/angelasolomon/
for up-to-date events. :))

3 more days to go. I will surely miss being a student. Pero syempre, gusto ko nang grumaduate. HAHA. Wish me luck ulit! Ung marami ha! :D

Rec's so sweet. He gave me his pre-graduation gift.

Sony Ericsson W760i. Picture nga lang. HAHA. Pero touched ako. Nabasa lang daw nya sa stat ko kanina. Hihi. Thanks, Pogi. ^^

My boyfriend's extra sweet this past few days. I'm loving it.

Back to work.

Last Fight
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27 days from now, I'll be marching on PICC stage...

The previous month (February) had been a very busy month for me. Thesis, Engineering COMELEC, case study, quizzes, activities, and a whole lot more. Too busy, I wasn't able to visit my church friends. Huhu. I miss bonding with them. :[

February 27, 2009. My last regular class day. My last IM252 class. I went to school on a corporate attire. We presented our case study: Bayad Online. Ma'am Kath told her last words. Those were very inspiring, it almost made me cry. She even act as a photographer. Haha. She wanted us to have our class picture with corp attire on. I wish she was with us.

After our class, we were very much carried away with our feelings that's why we decided to eat dinner altogether in McDo even if it was already late. Too bad, I wasn't able to bring my digicam since my batteries weren't charged. Err. Anyway, I just grabbed some pics from Mark's cam. View photos here. PS: Only my contacts can view. :P

I went home with Dan and other classmates: Robin, Angeli, Niko and Droo. He dropped me off at Sta Lucia. (He lives in Pasig). Thank you, Dan. :D

On the last day of Feb, I took my last OR quiz which made my nose bleed. (Of course, I was kidding.) I was late that's why I asked Sir Donell if I could take the quiz to the next section. Fortunately, he allowed me. The quiz was so difficult. I just prayed after I took it. We were scheduled to take our final exam in OR on Saturday, 8AM. Gahd, so early. My brain cells might not work well at that time. HAHAHA. Amp.

I have 27 days left. This week: Final Examinations Week. The most crucial week of my student life. This will be the last final examination week I would be taking for the rest of my life. I hope I will not screw up. :|

Time to do things that will make me graduate on time!
I'll be back next week after our exams. New layout coming. Til next week! :]