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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

I can be reached everywhere.
YM. Plurk. E-mail. Facebook. Twitter. Friendster. Multiply. Tumblr.

say anything like you mean it.

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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Today is Pij COMELEC Day.

I am reading (and trying to sink in my mind) the Student Election Code 2007 when I remembered I haven't updated my blog yet. So here I am.

This day was fuckin' tiring. I haven't experienced this tiredness in my life since I became a member of COMELEC. Hehe. (Exaggerating.)

I woke up at 8:30 though my class was at 10. IDK, I felt the laziest laziness this morning I don't even want to leave the bed. Well, of course, I had no choice... I had no choice but to see my effin' professor who didn't know anything but to write and write endlessly on the board and go out afterwards. ERR!

I was late for 15 minutes. Just the time when Kuya Nollie arrived at school earlier than 11 just to reinstall the Adobe CS3 Master Collection in my laptop. (He and James use to play table tennis in Annex from 11-1. Very sporty guys. Hehe.) The hell, when the bell rang, I realized I attended the class just to copy what he was writing on that whole whiteboard. He didn't even discuss anything. And worst, the CS3 wasn't installed in my laptop. GRRR!

I went down to the Guidance Office after my Writing OR class. There I saw Mark and Fred. I tried my luck, I borrowed their laptops. Unfortunately, no CS3 was installed. Luck was never in my path today. Good thing, Ally arrived. (Though I had already waited for quite long, at least, I was able to use her Adobe Photoshop CS2. It's better than none!)

Thank you, Ally, for letting me use your tiny lappie! I was able to do the poster for the candidates of the 2 parties running for the respective positions in the Engineering Student Council (ESC). Judge my one-hour-made posters. Haha!



Let me clarify that this is not an online campaign.

I was thinking what made them decide to work for the ESC... The stress, the pressure, the high expectations of everyone... Gahd, I don't want to grow old so fast. Hahaha. :D

Oh well, if only I had my own Photoshop, I would have done better. Hihi. I guess it was nice. A lot of students crowded around it when I posted it on the lobby. Ah yea, I forgot, they were interested with the pictures I pasted, not with my design. Hahaha! :))

Because of that poster:
- I went three times back and forth from Engineering Building to Jolis to Photoprints. Haha!
- I had new pictures with Ally, Mark and Gerwin using my digicam. Hihi.
- Gerwin got sooo hungry. He waited for me until I finished the poster. We ate lunch in KFC together.
- I spent a lot of regular load. I have 8 pesos left in my Globe 2 now... and 0.48 on my Globe 1. HAHAHA! Poor girl.
- I had been to the Dean's Office.
- I was able to chika-chika with Ricky. He was a working scholar in UST and he was assigned to the Engineering Dean's Office. Bad for him. Haha. Kiddin'.
- I was rejected by Ma'am Deleña. :D Not wholly rejected, she just didn't want to sign. Maybe because she was too busy that she couldn't even spend a little to put her signature on the poster. Gahd, if you could only see her table, it would come to your mind that she's a real workaholic!
- I talked to AD (Assistant Dean). He is our adviser in COMELEC. Feeling close ako sa kanya. Hahaha! He said the people in the pictures on the poster really look good. I didn't want to believe. :P
- I had borrowed glue, a pair of scissors and a Scotch tape from Ma'am Sang. We are not close. She doesn't even know me personally. Thank you, Bernz, for being the liaison. Hehe.
- I had left my ID to the CS Faculty Room because of the tape dispenser (including the Scotch tape) I borrowed from Ma'am Pearl. Sir Verge and Ma'am Cha were there, too.
- Sir Alex thought (and always thinks) that I am an IS student. Nger. Haha.
- I knew the word "NAKAKAPAGOD".

After being stressed during the poster-making, Ally and I updated each other's planner. Though hers is Starbucks' and mine is only Go Nuts, the schedule of activities and events did not collide. :P

It was 5. Next: meeting with the Local COMELEC officers. I went down to the ECE Lab. Saw my crush. Haha. NVM. IDK his name. Anyway, I'm not very much interested. :P

Among the officers, only Paul (ME) and Rose Ann (ChE), whom I haven't seen yet, did not attend. We had our meeting in the corridors. Hahaha. We had talked about our tasks during the campaign and tackled issues regarding election matters. We had stress and fun. Hehe. Hmmm. I guess I have to continue reading the SEC 2007...

I guess that's it. I'm just not in the mood of doing academically-related stuff. I missed being a blogger. And I'm missing it again. I have 2 calendar months left before I leave this career and be welcomed to the REAL WORLD.

I emailed Ms. Rissa of NEC for the rescheduling of the qualifying exam for the position of Software Design Engineer to Monday. I am really hoping for a favorable response from her. ^^

I miss PJ. We did not see each other today. Saturday is Pij Day, right? Huhuhu. Sorry, Babe. I'll make it up to you soon. I love you.

I am addicted to Plurk! I want mine to gain a lot of karma points until I reach Nirvana. Yeaaa! I'm so excited. :P

My dad bought Toblerone and Caho Fan for me. I have no idea on what's happening with him. Haha. But it would be better if he bought a Cadbury notebook. Hahaha! Anyway, he's sweet.♥ I left my graduation picture in their room. i let him see it. I hope that tomorrow, a copy of the wallet size will be missing. :)

Enough. Ba-bye!

"You're Passing Over Me!"
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Supposedly, we would have a meeting regarding our SRM case study today in UST. I woke up at 7:30AM even though I slept at almost 5AM already. [My insomnia's on board. Err.] Unfortunately (or fortunately, haha), Bernard, our project manager, texted me that the meeting was canceled for some personal reasons. Hihi. Anyway, I just asked my family to go out since my lola's here and she wanted to make gala-gala. Hehe. Good thing my dad left Jetty with us. Acey's still with Mang Jhun, it's not yet repaired. Hay naku. It's been there since last week. Doesn't it want to go back with us? Haha. Pagod na siguro.

Since Jetty's number ends with 1 and today is Monday, we had no choice but to wait for 7PM before we could go outside Marikina. So we decided to go to SM. Hehe. I was there last night, too, after my mom and I attended the mass. Ikot-ikot lang. My mom was greenminded, she bought kitchen stuff colored green. Hehe. Tas aun. Around 5PM we went back home to fetch Marc. Punta kami sa pediatrician for his check-up. I missed Dra. Theresa. Hehe. She advised me to take the Cervical Cancer vaccination. No kidding, the vaccine costs more or less 5000Php. Err. Do I really need that? HAHAHA! :))

After the checkup, we dropped by Citibank then we headed to the new mall in Eastwood City. It's nice to hang out there. Though not all boutiques were already open. I had a lot of attempts in buying new blouse and dress, pero parang gumagana ung nakakapanghinayang. Haha. Akalain mo un, meron pala akong ganon sa katawan pagdating sa pagbili ng damit. Hehe. Pero ewan, sa dami ng gusto kong bilhin, wala na kong mabili. :P

We met PJ after his work. Overtime. Sipag. Hihi. We went to DQ to buy Dilly's. Waaa! I missed that; the last time I ate that, I was with Inah, a many months ago. Haha. Anyway, in DQ, I let Marc fall in line for me. When it was almost his turn, nagpalit na kami, ako naman ung pumila. Then there was this ugly-slash-feeling-gwapo foreigner who spoke in his highest pitch: "You're passing over me!" Ako naman, nagulat dahil bigla syang naghuramentado dun. Hanggang sa pinagdikdikan nya sa 'king I was passing over him and the child he was with. "But the boy who left [the line] is my brother," I said. Hanggang sa pinagdikdikan na naman nyang I was passing over them. Hay naku. Nasabi ko na lang, "Okay fine, go ahead." Err. I soooooper hate him to the highest level! Pag mapapadpad ako ng DQ, ung bwisit na foreigner na lang na un ang maiisip ko. Badtrip. Amp.

On our way back to parking lot, we saw this sooo gwapong Christian Bautista. Haa. I like him so much. He's tall. [You know how much I like tall guys.] He's macho. I like his get-up. Hihi. At least, ung asar mood ko ke ugly, arrogant man in DQ, napalitan ng inspired, kilig mood when I saw Christian. Hihi. Whatever. I'm just his fan. I have my PJ.. my Brad Pitt. :P Going back, we went back to the parking lot, having the thought na andun na sina Mommy. Nung nag-DQ kase kami, humiwalay na sila. Ayun. Wala pa pala sila dun. Ang tagal pa tuloy namin naghintay. Kung hindi ko pa miniscol, hindi pa magsisibalik. Nakakaloka na si Aya eh! Haha!

Tas uwi na. Ooops. Magfa-finalize pa ko ng Thesis documentation namin para maisend ko na ke Steph. Sabi ko pa naman sa kanya itetext ko sya pag nasend ko na. Anong oras na oh. Haha. Oh well. I have until 9AM tom para maisend ko sa kanya. Haha! :D

Thanks Pij for the DQ treat. :)

Back to reality.
Do you still remember the homily during the New Year's mass? Maging mapagpakumbaba. I guess what I did with that arrogant man in DQ is enough that I could still remember what this new year is all about.

Random Thoughts While Busy
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Yeah. I have not posted updated blogs for about 2 weeks already and that sucks! Pft.

Ang daming ginagawa. Kulang ang bawat oras para magsingit pa ng pagba-blog. Pero dahil bago ang layout ko, gusto ko ma-experience makakita ng bagong post... kahit ayokong matabunan ung Monthsary post ko. :P

How's my layout? Haha. I super reedited it. Hehe. Even the base codes. Nakakalito kase mukhang pinagsama-sama lang ata nung original na gumawa ng base codes ung codes para lang makabuo ng codes. Hahaha! Pero magaling talaga ko dahil naayos ko naman. HAHAHA! :))

Life is measured not in minutes, but in moments. I got that statement from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Have you watched it? Dapat manonood kami ni Pij kahapon sa Sta Lu pero dahil aabutin ng 12:35AM ung tapos, dito na lang sa bahay. Oh di ba, me movie house kame. :)) We started at almost 10PM... natapos kami almost 1AM na. Grabe haba! Parang nanood din kami sa Sta Lu, mas safe nga lang dahil nasa bahay kami. Oh well... Maganda s'yang talaga. Thumbs up! Gahd, ang gwapo, gwapo, gwapo ni Brad Pitt my pirated labs!!! [PJ is my original.] Lalo na nung nasa dagat sya na naka-shades at naka-white shirt. Haaaaaay. :D Hahaha. Enough... Maganda talaga sya. Mala-Titanic pa nga. Haha. The story-telling, the sea, the ship... Pero syempre walang tatalo sa Titanic di ba. Pero maganda rin. Eh basta. Manood na lang kayo para masaya. Yoko nga ikwento. :P Basta, gwapo si Brad Pitt. Mark my word. :))

I can't use my Adobe CS3 Master Suite Collection. The "crack" was not working already. I didn't know what happened. Kaninang hapon nagamit ko pa un, tignan nyo nga, nabago ko pa nga ung layout ko. ewan ko kung anong nangyare. Mag-eedit sana ko ng picture para gawing primary photo sa Friendster ko kaso ayaw na gumana. Huhu. Me licensing problem daw. Eh hindi naman ako nag-uupdate. Hmp. Kaazar. Now I have to wait until Tuesday para magamit ko ulit. Nakahiram ako ng CD ke Kuya Nollie. Buti na lang walang assignment sa Multimedia, kung hindi, patay ako. T_T Ang loser pa naman ng Photoshop na meron ako dito sa bahay. Original nga, pero lintik naman sa version, 4.0. Hahaha! Me Crop na kaya dun? :))

Yun lang. Nagparamdam lang. Hehe. Marami nang nangyari nitong mga nakaraang weeks. Paki-tingin na lang sa kaawa-awang planner ko. [Lahat kase ng dates me sulat. Hahaha.]

Sana maka-graduate na ko. Pagdasal nyo ha? Final week of submission of thesis documentation na. Tas defense na. Tas case study naman sa SRM. Tas defense din. Tas campaign na. Tas election na. Tas Finals. Tas... Tas... Waaaaa!

Wish me luck.

Thesis mode na ulit. Tomorrow, nasa UST na naman ako. Buti na lang walang pasok on Wednesday. Me pahinga. Hihi.

Ba-bye. Gahd, I really miss blogging everyday... :(
Let go. Let God.

Happy 1st Monthsary!
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It's our first monthsary today! :)

This day was very hectic for both us. We were both stressed with school and work stuff, but at the end of the day, the stress and pressure were set aside. I sooo love to see him, kiss him, hug him, sit beside him doing nothing... Haay. What did he do to make me fall so deeply in love with him...

My day is incomplete without a message or a missed call coming from him. I can't sleep tight each night without hearing his voice on the phone before he sleeps. Whenever I do something, it's him who's always in my mind, even if I'm inside the comfort room... Hihi. Kiddin'. :D

I wish we could have more monthsaries to celebrate. :)

1st monthsary photo. More to come. :)

I love him very much. God knows it.
I'm sooo happy I have him.
I don't want to lose him.

Thank you, Babe, for the brownies you brought me. You really want to make my pisngilong healthy. :))

He wants me to be his partner, not just his lover. And so do I...


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Mr. Peter John Tolentino:

Asset... Pa-burger ka naman! McDo ha. Hahaha. :D

Nakasama rin kita sa McDo sa wakas. Hihi. ^^

Thank you for the virus. Pagsasasapakin ko kayo ni Marc at Recrec eh. Hehe. Infairness, ang lakas nyo sakin. Di ako nagpapasaksak ng USB basta-basta, alam nyo ba un? Haha. :D

Keep up the good work! Now, you should be more encouraged to work harder. And I? To study harder. Hehe.

I'm so proud of you, Babe. I'm so happy for you! I hope you'll always be happy with your job. Enjoy what you're doing. I know it's your passion. :]

Loving you more and more each day...

23 days... and counting. (:

Keep safe, my dear.

Lots of love,

Ms. Ma. Angela Solomon


Enjoy the Weekend
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Currently listening to Heart's All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You...

January 8, 2009

I was later, as usual. Attended IT253 class for half an hour. CS108 quiz day. Coverage: LP Formulation, Graphical Solution and Simplex Method. Passed the hard copy of the take-home quiz. Err. I really hate OR. ;[

Went back to my IT253 class to surf the net. Hahaha. Poor connection. Booooooo UST Wi-Fi.

January 9, 2009

I had no SRM class. Brought Acey to car repair shop in Antipolo. Went to Sta Lucia. Bought another blouse in Genevieve Gozum. Pretty, girly me. HAHAHA. Arti. :P

It's Ate Kathy's birthday. She's also a member of Eco-DMT. Happy birthday, Ate Kathy! ^^

Feast of the Black Nazarene. I have never been to Quiapo during this feast. I wish I could go there next year. (:

January 10, 2009

Went to school for nothing. A long "Booooooooooo" for Sir Donell. ;(

The Engineering COMELEC Central Representative celebrated her 22nd birthday. I greeted her through Friendster, text and YM. Hahaha. I wonder if she finds me makulit now. Wala lang. I just miss celebrating birthday. Hehe.



Date with PJ. Love this day.

January 11, 2009

Sunday BP Operation. I came at almost 10AM. Haha. Went to Pipo's place after duty for lunch.

Pipo has recovered! ^^ I was the photographer. Err. Haha.



Dahon ng saging (as table and plates) + Sinigang ni manok ni Chef Chad + Liempo + Chicken + Lumpia + etc... Sarap!

See my Multiply for more photos. (:

Got a lot to do today. See my laptop wallpaper. Haha. Wish me luck.

Naaalala mo lang naman ang mga kaibigan pag malungkot ka. Dahil 'pag masaya ka, kasama mo sila. -- Bob Ong

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School Stuff? Toxic.
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I plurked that I'll start studying at exactly 10:00PM for my OR quiz tom. What time is it? Tsss.

Today is the second day of the first school week of the year and at this point, I can feel the stress running through my veins. :/

First school day of the year... I wasn't late in my OR class! Yihaaa! Haha. I hoped it would last 'til the last school day of the semester but unfortunately, my professor was already in the classroom when I arrived at school this afternoon, though he hadn't started discussing yet. Anyway, he did not discuss anything. Whew! We just waited for the other computer units to activate its Adobe Acrobat Reader since the Packet Tracer activity that we were about to do was in PDF. (Don't ask me to talk using Layman's term. Nosebleed. HAHA.) Oh well, I just checked on my mail and blog there. But I did the activity afterwards since my unit was in good condition, but I hoped it wasn't. Haha. Kiddin', Sir. :P

Multimedia was my next class. There was a scheduled quiz today but Angeli and Allyson (my classmates) GM-ed that it was cancelled. Sir Kesh told in the class it was because he believed that it wasn't through written exams that we would learn Multimedia, but through lots of assignments -- like posters and stuff. Hahaha. He was so cooool -- I wanted to hug him! HAHA. (Ooops!) I wasn't able to study hard for that cancelled quiz last night because I talked to my friend's ex-boyfriend regarding him and my girl friend. Haaay. I knew a lot of things about them. And her. And the other guy. And err... Whatever. Going back, Sir Kesh said my Assignment P03 was nice (ears clapping), though I find it really ewww. Hehe. I haven't made my Assignment P04 which is to be passed next week. He gave another assignment - make our own font using our own handwriting. Whoa! I find it really interesting. Hehe. Droo already had a Font Lab Studio (an application we need to make our font) and it was already uploaded in our Groups. Hihi. Thank you for being resourceful, Droo. You know what I mean. :))

We had our two-hour Ethics class today. I know I had 8 hours of sleep last night but damn, I felt so sleepy that I wanted to put toothpicks in my eyes. Good thing I could still control myself. Hehe. Sir De Alban taught us something about land and it was pretty awesome because now, maybe we can own a land knowing its details well. Haha. Thanks, Sir. But sorry if you caught me yawning. Hehe. :D

IT254 again. We just reviewed our last year's lesson, VLSM. He dismissed us as early as 7:30PM and that was a first time. Haha. Got home at 9:00PM (I was stuck in traffic). Early dismissal? Useless.

Got a LOT to do. Thesis. Multimedia assignments. Study for OR quiz. Notes. Posters for the election. SRM case study. Study SEC. Meeting with AJ. Prelims. Campaign and election. Gaaaaah! I wanna die! Pft.

I watched Twilight again last night because I was craving for Edward Cullen. Hahaha. Gahd, he's really so HOOOT .. oozing with so much sex appeal. HAHAHA! :))

Now, I gotta study for my OR quiz tom. I also have to do my Packet Tracer activity for my IT253 class tom. WISH ME LUCK. (: And oh, I have to make my cup of coffee now. Ba-bye! ^^

PS: You know what, I'm missing PJ... I wish he just lives a few houses away from mine so I could see him anytime I want. Hihi. :D

Off for unknown days. :P

Let me tell you something about true feelings; most of them deserve to be hidden.


Operations Research Day
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Haha. What a blog title. If my classmates would read this post, I guess they would think they have opened the wrong page. Hehe.


I visited Pipo last night and brought him dinner -- Jollibee Chickenjoy + Chocolate Sundae. Why? On the second-to-the-last Simbang Gabi, he saw me eating my Jabi dinner outside the church (I was dead hungry that time). I was about to share it with him but he was serving that time (if you do not know, Pipo is a sakristan in our parish)... so he said he could just have it the next possible time. And this was the time. :]

I met Kristine, Pipo's girlfriend, but she was about to leave that time. Iyan, our Eco-DMT co-member, was also there and Tito Reni, Pipo's father. Pipo looked better than the last time I saw him... He was no longer pale. He was back to his original look -- he was goodlooking again. Oh well, he always is. :D

Thank you for those who prayed for Pipo. All the stabs were deadly but see, he is still alive and kickin'. Now I believe in the miracles of God more. Although Pipo has partially recovered from the incident, we, his family and friends, still ask for your prayers for his full recovery. Thank you so much again. God loves you. ^^


Well... This day, I wasted spent it doing my effin' OR take-home quiz. The deadline was today. I was able to submit it at 11:42PM. HAHA. You know, I love cramming. And I wanted to enjoy my Christmas break. They say Christmas is all about giving... Maybe my professor believed in that saying so much... so he gave us that quiz so he would let us really feel the spirit of Christmas. Waaaaa! I hope his hard disk would crash when he retrieves my quiz file soon. Err. ERR!!!

Anyway, though I was cramming with my OR quiz, I was still able to visit our mall SM Marikina. With my mom. Actually, we were about to go to SM Cubao. It just so happened that I wasn't able to finish early so my mom and I had no choice but to just go to Marikina. We just walked around, bought a new bag for my laptop I've been craving for since the start of December and ate our dinner in Greenwich... my treat. :D

PJ was supposed to be coming over here in our house. I just did not let him do so since I had to rush my OR quiz. Haay.

I really miss him... Though we were together for the past two days, it seemed like we were missing each other more.

Yesterday, we decided to watch Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat. We met in Rob at 7:30PM, left Acey there, went to Sta. Lu, bought tickets, played in WOF and met Kristine there and bought snack in KFC.

We thought the movie would start at 8:40PM, but it started at almost 9:20PM. So we had some pictures using my phone though I had my digicam with me. I didn't want to be accused of piracy. Hehe. For more pictures, visit Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat album in my Multiply. :D

The movie was good. Funny. "Kasabihan". Haha. Now, I'm thinking if I could be a president of the Philippines, too. HAHAHA. :))

After watching the movie, we went back to Rob to fetch Acey. We decided to go to our favorite overlooking tambayan in Antipolo. We enjoyed the Christmas breeze of air. Haay. I so loved listening to my boyfriend's stories about his schooling and work. Or maybe, I just love being with him, sitting beside him, staring at him and falling in love with him. Hihi.♥

Went home at 1:00AM.

That's it. I just so love this year. Hehe. Now, I'm going to update my Go Nuts 2009 planner. Haha. But I'll sleep as early as possible because we will be having our regular Sunday BP Operation at 7:00AM. I don't want to be late. I hope my alarm clock would sound as loud as my mom's lovely voice during school days. Hihi. Peace, My. :D

Good mornyt!

I couldn’t let you walk away from me. It hurt just to imagine it.

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Terembe: te-rem-be
tawag ng mga taga-Antipolo sa sugal na nilalaro pag may patay

I slept at 6:00AM because I finished my new-year letter for PJ. I started it at almost 4:00AM. Imagine how long it took me to finish that 7-page letter. Haha. ^^

I woke up at almost 2:00PM. Haha. Ang sarap-sarap pala talaga matulog! :)) Nagtataka lang ako, walang gumigising sakin. Hehe. Nabwisit na siguro sakin kase kahit gisingin ako eh hindi naman ako babangon. Hehe.

To PJ: Ikaw rin, tanghali ka na rin bumangon. Hindi na "good morning" batian natin, "good afternoon" na. Hehe. Lubusin mo na yan dahil malapit na ulit tayo bumalik sa totoong mundo natin. Maagang gisingan na naman. Haha.

Dahil wala kami parehong magawa ni PJ sa bahay, nagkita na lang kami. Kesa sya ang pumunta dito sa bahay, pumunta na lang ako sa kanila. Wala ngang magawa dito sa bahay kaya gusto ko umalis tas papupuntahin ko sya? Haha. Para maiba naman. Almost 6:00PM na ko dumating sa Antipolo. Buti na lang hindi mahirap sumakay. Nagsimba kami. Homily? Maging mapagpakumbaba. (: Nakita pa namin ung Mommy, Daddy saka Ate nya. Tas pumunta na kami sa kanila. Nanood ng TV saglit. Nakikain ng pastillas. Pumunta sa bahay ng pinsan nya para maglaro ng terembe. 20 pesos na puhunan. Taya. Nanalo kami dun sa isang game ng 51 pesos. Taya ulit, 20. Talo. Haha. Parang balik-taya lang ung nangyare. Hehe. Pero ayos lang. Makagawa nga nun dito sa bahay. Haha. Terembe ng Cainta. :D Tas nakita pa namin sa Bronson... ung stepbrother ni Judy Ann Santos sa "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo". Haha. De, look-alike lang. Hihi. Kaaliw. Bronson na Bronson. Haha. Oh dba, at least, mukha siyang celebrity. :P

Spent time with each other. (:

Around 10:00PM, umuwi na ko. Hindi na ko nagpahatid hanggang bahay kase baka ma-Pipo pa sya, hala na... Nagpahatid na lang ako sa sakayan. Muntik ko pa makalimutan iabot ung letter ko sa kanya. Buti na lang nung tinext ko sya, bumalik pa sya dun at inabutan pa nya ko. ^^

Hindi man lang kami nakapag-picture. Me digicam at cellphone naman. Amp. Wala tuloy kaming picture ngayong first day of the year. Haay.

Un. Bukas, plano namin manonood kami ng "Tanging Ina". Kung ubra, last full show. Kaya dapat matapos ko na tong lintik na OR take-home quiz na to para makapagliwaliw na lang ako tom. Kelangan ko na rin simulan ung test scripts para sa aming thesis. Final na raw ung program namin sabi ni Master. Hehe. Wish me luck!

Fiesta rin sa Sto. Niño ngayon. Kagabi sinabihan na ko ni Kuya Sherwin na pumunta ko sa kanila. Nagtext din si Kuya Chad kanina, nag-aanyaya. Kaya pala si AV andun kina Franz kanina. Hindi naman ako nakareply agad. Haha. Happy Fiesta na lang! :D

Masquerade Party ng Eco-DMT sa January 3, 2009. Sana makasama si Pipo. Hehe. Hindi ko pa sya nadalaw ulit simula nung huling punta ko nung December 29, 2008. Amp. Sana makapunta ko tom. (: Maraming salamat ke Lord at sa mga nagdasal para sa fast recovery ni Pipo. Please continue praying for his full recovery. Thank you. God bless.

Happy New Year ulit! Magbago na tayo! HAHA. Whatever. :P

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Happy New Year!
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Welcome 2009!

Dahil wala akong Unlitxt or Sulitxt (ang poor poor ko), piling-pili lang ung sinendan ko ng text message. Haha. Dinaan ko na lang sa GM sa YM at bulletin sa FS. Hehe.

Masaya naman dito. Kahit umaambon-ambon, nakaraos naman ung new year dito samin. Me kainan, tugtugan, tawanan, kodakan. Ayos. Napakasayang new year. ^^

Wala lang. Gusto ko lang i-share ung messages na sinend ko. Haha.

Its '09! Allow me 2 say SORRY for d thngs dat i causd u pain. THANK YOU for evrythn we had, for bein part of my 2008. Dn't frget to thank GOD for d blessngs we c0ntnuously rcve. I wsh i cud build mor mem'rys wd uü God bless! Keep safe! WELCOME 2009 WITH A SMILE! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U & UR FAMILY! (:



Keep safe. Love ya. God bless.

-- Angela Solomon

2009 na PJ!!! ^^

Maraming, maraming salamat sa lahat-lahat. Patawarin mo ako sa mga naging kasalanan ko sa 'yo. Nawa'y lagi kang andyan para sermunan ako pag alam mong nawawala na ko sa landas pagdating sa aking pag-aaral at buhay-buhay. Haha! :P Masaya ako't nakilala kita. Sana lagi kang maging matamis (sweet) at puno ng kaisipan (thoughtful). HAHAHA.

Mahal na mahal kita. Mag-iingat ka palage. Iiyak ako pag hinde. :D

(Mas sweet daw kase pag Tagalog. HEHE.)


This is going to be another year for both of us to be better and stronger persons of the universe. Hehe.

I wish I could build MORE memories with you...

Muaaaah. *hug*

In general...


Sana maging masaya tayong lahat. Ultimate resolution ko this year? From now on, everyday will be an important day.

May everybody have a happy year ahead. God bless. ^^