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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

I can be reached everywhere.
YM. Plurk. E-mail. Facebook. Twitter. Friendster. Multiply. Tumblr.

say anything like you mean it.

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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Watch out.

Life is indeed short.
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Waw. After a week or so, I've had this feeling of blogging... I don't know. I'm happy and I'm sad. Well, I'm more sad.

What happened last week?
  • I wasn't able to watch Chicago Live in Manila. They performed at The Big Dome. (14th.)

  • New schedule started on the 14th: 10:30PM-7:30AM.

  • Met PJ in Eastwood City. Went to his office, strolled at this very fabulous Eastwood Mall while eating DQ ice cream. (14th.)

  • Pay Day on the 15th. :)

  • Mark Rivera's 21st birthday on the 16th. *party*

  • Nothing sooo good on the 17th.

  • Day off on the 18th. Met PJ in Rob Metro East. Had dinner in Kenny Roger's (where we ate our very first dinner together).

  • Met my college friends (Eboy, Steph, Gena and Ally) in Trinoma on the 19th. Had dinner in Gerry's Grill. Sisig is looove! <3

  • Mom's and Aya's birthday on the 20th. Attended 6:30PM mass in OLA and met my i-sooo-missed Pipo and Baruth. Had dinner in Gerry's Grill SM Marikina. VERY UNsatisfied.

  • Ninth month on the 21st. And it's 4CSA's Christmas Day! 'Twas Dan's 21st birthday. Hahaha! Martial Law reminisced.

  • Got my QA on the 23rd. 55%. Bullshit. I was hoping for 90% up. I hate that Japanese caller! (Hini ngasi mainninnihan. Malang ngongo. Nangangainis. Mano mo naman maiinninnihan...) :/

  • PJ and I's 1st year of friendship on the 24th. :) His younger brother's birthday.

Yea. Very detailed huh. And the most shocking was...

Eco-dmt prayer: pls pray for the soul of our sister, caren endriga. She was found dead this morning..Thnks! (September 24, 2009)

From left to right: Angela Solomon, Caren Endriga, Dimple Juanson, Angel Bocalbos.

She was found dead this morning.. Gahd. It took a lot of time before it sank into my mind. Ate Caren's gone. I really can't believe it. I received the first text message about what happened from Franz. Then Kuya Chad, Dimple, Ariane. According to Kuya Chad and Dimple, she will undergo autopsy to find out the reason of her death. Haaay. When I knew about it, I realized how life can be so short... Like what Boss Ric told me, live life to the fullest. The life that we have right now is just lent to us by our God. Better not waste any moment.

I would like to thank Ate Caren for being a very good friend of mine. We may not be very close but at least, she stayed very friendly and approachable. I will miss this girl. But I know she's happy where she is now. :)

We'll be going to her wake tonight at 8PM. Her remains lies in St. Joseph Memorial Homes, Mayamot, Antipolo City. (I believe that's along Sumulong Highway. Where Rubi had her wake, too.)

Make the most out of life.

Unprofessional Kanye West
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Want to know how to be unprofessional? Watch this video. Or, be DBAG Kanye West. That's the most stupid thing he has ever done in his entire life... so far! :/

Just saw some tweets and plurks about the MTV VMA 2009.

"Kanye West was so childish."
"I'm sad because of what Kanye did to Taylor Swift."
"I too would be speechless if Kanye stole the mic."
"Kanye, how could you be so heartless?"

I immediately googled about it. Then I saw this video in Youtube.

I sooo effin' hate that fuckin' Kanye West!!! I... I... I sooo hate him!!! *angry*

CALM DOWN. Calm. Down.

I'm going to eat ice cream with my babe tonight before I go to work and he goes home.♥

UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2009
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We weren't able to get tickets for this one. I planned to watch it in Studio 23 but because what I knew to do was to sleep the whole day, I wasn't able to watch the UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2009 sponsored by Samsung. BIG thanks to Youtube and riverblueph for all these videos I got from you. :)

University of Santo Tomas (Champion ... in our hearts)

I can't believe our Salinggawi Dance Troupe didn't make it to Top 3. I believe this is the first time in the cheerdance history. It was kind of disappointing but I believe SDT did their best. No questions about that. They're still the champions in our hearts. Yun nga lang, hanggang hearts lang naming Thomasians. :D Anyway, there are a lot of years! No need to worry. Next year, we'll be back to the Three! Or, we'll be the Champion! ^^

I cheered the "Go Uste, Go Uste" with them (while watching it). I missed doing that. :')

University of the Philippines (Second Runner Up)

The UP Pep Squad showed their patriotism. Yea. I first noticed the "UP Ikot Jeep" prop. Haha. I think that's the reason why they won. Hehe. Maybe UST should have their own Jet Ski, too. :)))

The cheer song was composed of Filipino songs including the "UP Ang Galing Mo" and "Hari ng Sablay". Fortunately, no one "sablay". :D

They have the old-school-cheering pompoms and great stunts.

Ateneo De Manila University (First Runner Up)

I wonder why Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion didn't have "Japanese Corn" prop but they still made it to the second... :P Was Chris Tiu watching there in the Big Dome? Haha. Their performance, I guess, was a tribute to Michael Jackson. Songs of him were used. And that "Moonwalk". Come on, that's so cool. ^___^ And when I heard the "eagle sound", I remembered Kuya Kim's Matanglawin. :D

Far Eastern University (Champion)

Yea, the FEU Cheering Squad was crowned Champion for this year's UAAP Cheerdance Competition.

Sarimanok (or Kellog's) was what they had as prop. When I read comments and violent reactions from different sites, they call them FEU Tilaoks instead of Tamaraws. Haha. But you know what, I sooo love the gymnastics part in their performance. Superb! They have such deadly stunts. Haha. (And I wish I could dance like them.) I believe they really forgot that they're Tamaraws; they became Eagles, too, because of those wings. Err. Anyway, considering the whole cheer dance, malinis. They deserve it. :] Congratulations, you have new cellphones from Samsung! And you have new name, too: FEU Tilaoks! (Kiddin' here. Don't kill me, Tamaraws.) :D

I wonder why nobody used "Nobody". That's the most hit song, right? Haha. Maybe because no one wanted to be nobody in that competition. Haha. :))


This blog entry was made for the losers (like me) out there who weren't able to watch it live. Haha. :D

I wish I could watch it live next time. With my college buddies. In the Big Dome. Not in General Admission, please.


Great Friday
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(Late post. Made this in Microsoft Word 2007.)

I have been having this very terrible headache since morning when I woke up. It feels like I have a hang over from a drinking party or something last night. Hahaha…

Last blog post was on Saturday. Yellow Nails. Yea, I realized I hadn’t blogged anything since Sunday. (I’m actually requiring myself to blog at least every day. Hehe.)

Thursday. Boss Ric (our shift manager) gave us a treat. Yellow Cab’s 18-inch Four Seasons. Thanks, Boss. We’ll try to get another 72% up for MTD. Looking forward to another 18-inch pizza. Manhattan Meatlovers this time. Please? :D

Friday was a great day for me. Well, not that great, actually. But at least, I was able to spend time with people I wanted to get along with. :)

Jeannie, Jhopz and I ended shift at 9:30AM. Since TL Ann and PJ were still there, we decided to eat breakfast altogether at our McDonald’s. (We own them? HAHA. McDo WCC, I mean.) We used some of the GCs we got when we won in National Heroes’ Day Contest. (Remember, I was Ida from Shaider, the antagonist with that effin’ strainer-slash-head-dress.) I ordered my favorite combo: Sausage McMuffin, Orange Juice, Hash Brown and Chocolate Sundae sponsored by Sodexho. Hehe. What’s the reason for this gathering? (Gathering…) It was Jhopz ‘ last day. She filed forced resignation last Wednesday and it was approved to be effective on Friday.

Jhopz is the closest to me among my teammates. Since she is my workstation-mate (on the other side is TL Ann), she is the person who first notices my weird behaviors (e.g. arguing on mute with the customer, dirty-fingering the customer on the line even while dialing the callback number, brutally saying bad words on mute to the customer like “Pakshet!” in my harshest way) which I actually learned from her. HAHAHA. Right, Jhopz? Right. Yes, I am sooo right. Hehe. (She’s a very bad influence. HAHA! Kiddin’. But it’s true. Haha. Kiddin’ again. But it’s really true.) But she is a really nice person. You can talk with her about anything under the sun. I’ve learned a lot of things from her, including those that I mentioned above. That actually helped me release stress that I get from the effin’ stupid callers. In a span of one month, it is a very great opportunity to have known someone like her. I will really miss her especially her rocker-slash-“Witwew” outfit (which Doyts, also my teammate, is always making fun of) making her different from all of my friends. Anyway, enough about that. I just wish she’ll be successful in whatever she pursues. Like what the whole team wishes for her. :)

I was parked on the second floor that’s why I had to go up again after the McDo thing. I was trying to start Acey when it refused to start. I could just hear that “click” sound as if it was choking. “OMG” was what I said. It just came from repair shop. What happened again? I tried to call Mang Jhun regarding this. He was willing to rescue me there from Antipolo, but he instructed me to do the… (The next term is not a green thing but parental guidance is recommended.)… “kadyot” thing. I asked favor from the construction workers in the building. In a matter of minutes, the engine started, ready to go. Thank God everything went OK. I would have died there if the engine didn’t start anymore. I went straight to the car shop and knew there was a problem with the starter that’s why I had to leave it there.

Spent more than an hour to chat with my mom when I got home. We hadn’t done it for a while since I was acting like their “boarder” for the past few weeks.

Went to SM Marikina after Mang Jhun asked me to pick up Acey because problem was already fixed. Saw again the store personnels that I saw the previous day. Haha. :D You know what, SM should provide exclusive perks for me since I’ve always loved going to their malls. Hmm. I should try to talk to the manager regarding that. Yes, that’s a great idea! (As if I’m going to do it. Haha.)

7:30PM. My boyfriend sent me a text message last Monday that we’d meet in Rob McDo at 7:30PM on Friday. I had no plans of being late. I left home at 7:15PM thinking there was no loads of cars. Err. I faced heavy traffic when I was in Marcos Highway. Tsk. Good thing he was also late, I saw him walking his way to the entrance and picked him up. I just sooo missed him that I wanted to hug him when he got inside the car. We were in the middle of the way and I was still in this “pacute” mood. HAHAHA. Anyway, we had our dinner in Red Ribbon. Cakes my love.♥ I’ve been craving for it since first of September. (What’s with that day?) We watched the last full show of Kimmy Dora. It was a funny-slash-corny-slash-dramatic-slash-all-star movie. Erik Santos, Zanjoe Marudo and Dingdong Dantes look sooo gwapo and macho there like they’ve always been. :D Well, I didn’t think about that much. I had my boyfriend on my side, he’s the Erik Santos, Zanjoe Marudo and Dingdong Dantes of my life… And even better than them.♥♥♥ *Cheeeeesy!!! is what he’s actually thinking right now.* ANYWAY. After the movie, we decided to stay at the overlooking place we used to go to. It would have been better if it wasn’t raining but everything still went well there. Had some sweet and sour talks with some giggles and stuff. We were sleepy but we kept on telling stories and being not aware of those stories we’re actually telling. HAHAHA. Everything’s really great. Believe me. Really. :P

We were actually invisible with each other for 5 days. No text, missed calls, IMs. Why? Absence to value presence. Hmm. It was my fault anyway. Hoping it won’t happen again. You know when you love someone, it’s really sooo hard to let him go even if you think it would be the very best thing to do… Now, another chance has been given to us. Better start making everything right this time… Ninth month together on the 21st and first year of friendship on the 24th. Hmm.♥

I AM happy to have him. Everything will be okay soon. I sooo believe. :)

We went home at already around 3:00AM. Just so enjoyed being together. Sooo loved his last kiss. It’s as if we’re not going to see again? Haha. I love him. That’s it. Can’t afford to lose him this time. I realized that.

Nah… Enough about those cheesy stuff. :P

It’s Saturday. I slept only until 10:30AM. Heck. I sooo hate it. That’s why I’m now suffering from this terrible headache. Couldn’t sleep. Inah and I will be going to Jof’s place to celebrate his 21st birthday. I’m actually not in the mood to go there. Headache + no sleep + rainy weather + shift at 12:30AM = O.o But we already compromised and he’s expecting us to come. I’m going to meet Inah in Blue Wave at 6PM. Will visit SM Marikina again to buy something for him and go to Jof’s place after.

Planning to get a short course in UP. Anybody who has an idea if they have special offers for this quarter? Hmmm. :D

UAAP Cheerdance on Sunday. No tickets = no Big Dome. Huhu. Better watch it at Studio 23. :) Go USTe, Go USTe, Go USTe, Go, Go, Go, Go… *swirl your right hand*

Missing my Alma Mater.

Time to prepare to leave. Kthxbye.

Yellow Nails
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Yes, I've got yellow finger and toe nails here. I'm not sure if it looks good or not. (That's why I didn't even bother to take a picture of it.)

When I arrived yesterday, Jeannie told me, "Me 100 ka!" I thought hard about it. I thought I got P100 worth GC. Then she made me realize I got a 100% score in QA. Yihaaa! That was actually a first time in 3 months. Haha. Sooo happy. :) I hope I'll get another next week, next next week, next next next week... But what I'm actually looking forward to having is a 5.0 PCS score. Gahd. I thought I had it yesterday. I got a very nice caller yesterday. Mr Roland Reyes. Yes, he was really nice. He understood everything. He was very patient and calm, unlike hundreds of callers who I had dealt with. Hihi. When I tried to hit the star button (*), customer hung up. Bullshit. :)))))

Better watch this video.

T*** *** KANG YAYA KA!!! Why don't you just go to hell?!?! (Got this video from my Tumblr acct, posted by Ayiene.)

By the way, visit my Tumblr acct here. Got a lot of reposts from my friends there.

Nothing to share.

"Let me give you a quick recap..."
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August 28 - Friday = Day off! Friday = Pay day! Met PJ at SM Marikina. Kita ko ulit si Leiyn. :) Went to Rob Metro East for Greenwich dinner and watched And I Love You So. Gwapo talaga ni Sam Milby, syet. Punta sana kami Eastwood Mall, full parking naman. Watched Taken at home. Winner si Liam. Good luck. Yeahmehn. Stayed at home until past 2:30AM then went to McDo for ice cream and fries craves. Uwi ng 4AM. ^^

August 29 - Happy Birthday, Lara Santos (feeling teenager), Lorenz Dan Zapata (debutante) and Mark Kristopher Pazon (another debutante). *partyyyy!*

August 30 - Team Abbie outing in Sariaya, Quezon! Hindi ako kasama kase ayaw ako pasamahin ng sarili ko. HAHA. Talaga naman. Okay lang. Me next time pa naman. ^^ Sundo ako ni PJ sa office. Punta kami sa Megamall saka St. Francis. Foodtrip saka shopping. :) Love it. :D

August 31 - Rae Julianne's 7th birthday celebrated at Panciteria San Jacinto. Akala ko sya ung inaanak ko. Bonggang-bonggang bili pa ko ng gift. Si RJoy pala, ung kapatid pala nya ung inaanak ko. Mega effort pa naman ako sa dedications. Tsk. Deym. National Heroes' Day in the office. We had Shaider: Pulis Pangkalawakan. I portrayed Ida. (See picture on the left) Worn my TL's wedding gown for reception that she didn't wear. Hehe. Simple white halter silk gown. Put some gold crepe papers with creativity. Haha. Got a very weird improvised head dress... OMG. Made of strainer. :)) So horrible makeup. Gahd. I represented our team. That's the VERY MOST SUPER AS IN OVER DUPER MEGA CRAZIEST thing I've ever done in my entire life! To look so stupid and funny and sexy in my costume. HAHAHA! At least, we won. P2000 worth of Sodexho GC. Lamon time again... ^^ Congratulations, Team Ann Perez! We're the best team in the whole AT&T! :D Looking forward to the next event: Labor Day on the 7th of September. :]

September 1 - Happy Birthday and Christening Cassandra Nicole Montealegre! Ninang ako. Nadagdagan na naman ang listahan ko ng inaanak! Another set of moral support to give out. HAHAHA! Got no chance to see her. I slept from 11AM-7PM. Hahaha. I forgot to set my alarm. That's why I was late for our group's practice for our presentation on the upcoming 14th Eco-DMT Anniversary! ^^ Magagamit pala ang aking acting at dancing skills. Haha. Excited sa presentation. :P Officers came so we had to leave. Went to Beto's house with Pipo, and Rob Supermarket after. Drove thru McDo Sumulong for sweet chocolate sundaes. Namatayan kami ng makina pagkaalis namin ng McDo! Grabe. Battery was discharged. Nagtulak kami ng ilang metro. Buti na lang hindi na-wrecker. Pag nagkataon, goodbye sa laman ng wallet at ATM. :)) Medyo matagal-tagal rin kaming na-standby dahil sa sasakyang yan. Buti na lang gising pa si Mang Jhun (doctor ni Acey). Pero super THANK YOU sa aking boys, Pipo and Beto at hindi nila ako iniwan sa gitna ng isa na namang disastrous yet happy experience-slash-adventure with Acey! Sa susunod, baka ma-flatan naman kami. HAHAHA. (Ung una kasi ung window sa driver's side, I left the car key inside.) Buti na lang maaga pa un dahil pag nagkataon, late ako sa work. Tgsh. 11:20PM ako dumating. I forgot to fingerscan. Buti na lang pumayag pa si Boss Ric na mag-issue ng eCOA. Syet. Kung hindi, sayang din one-day sweldo. Hmp.

September 2 - Happy birthday, Nanay Feling! She's 74 years old now. My lolo sent a text message saying, "Happy birthday, Feling! I love you. Ingat kayo lahat dyan." My lola was bitter. But deep inside, I know she's kinikilig. Love is sweeter the second time around, ika nga. :))))) More years to celebrate your birthday, Nay! (Wala na kong uwing cake. Wala na kasing pang-uwi ng cake. HAHAHA.) Happy birthday, too, John Roland Santos and Erica Re... Ri... Deym, I forgot the spelling of her name. Basta she's Ishee! Sayson. :) (Photo above is about 3 hours old. HAHA. Gray and black striped top, PJ's choice. ^^)

September 3 - Advance Happy Birthday, Maricar Espiritu and my pare, Richard Sampang! Pa-burger naman! ^^

Gahd. BER months na! I'm so excited. It's Christmas season na! Time for real shopping. (Oops, save money. Oops, delight yourself. Oops, save money. Oops, go shopping. Oops, *bang*). HAHA. :P

Mar Roxas gave way to Noynoy Aquino? What the. That's so cool. Cool? I mean, was he just afraid of the responsibility or just strong to accept that he's still not ready to keep his words "Ramdam ko kayo"? Good for him. Proud of him. :)

New schedule bid. I want to get the 10:30PM-7:30PM sched! NDP! NDP! :))

Wasn't able to go online yesterday. Karma went down a lot. Hmp. Hate Plurk. :<

Craving for chocolate cake...

I scheduled a group date with my college buddies on Friday at Eastwood. No one responded YET. Yes, I am still looking forward to their replies. :D

Missing someone... sooo much.

Love y'all.

Any typo errors? Wasn't able to proofread. My eyes are half-closed. (Sleepy here.)

***Nothing follows***