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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

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Happy Hearts Day
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does everybody have a happy heart this valentine's day?

this day was not unusual. i woke up early in the morning to attend my 7-am class. get stuck on traffic that made me late again for about 10-15 minutes on my first class... nothing's new. it's just that, there were lots of people who brought their bouquet of flowers with them. so pathetic. nyaha!

i left the house without greeting my mom and marc. not because i had no plans of greeting them but because it just didn't occupy my mind at that moment. and because i didn't want to be too late, i just text my mom, "haha. nakalimutan ko bumati. happy valentine's day. loveu." and that was it.

i was late - again, not new - on my first subject which was marriage and family. tila ewan nga kanina. nilaglag ako ni maam. todo banat sya. she was asking us about the activities on saturday so that we would know if we would still have our class. hencie said that he would be competing on the quiz bee which would be from 7-10am. ma'am garcia asked us if we have to watch the bee. when i said, "susuportahan namen sya, ma'am," it was so embarrassing when she said back, "susuportahan mo? eh baka alas-8 ka na dumating eh!" ang buti nyang prof nyo? haha.

after that, we had our 3-hour break. our normal 1-hour break, and the our 2-hour java class. wala si sir agba - not new. he was one of the judges in the java cup. aun. tatlo lang kame ni gena and diana na nag-ubos ng oras. by 10am, we watched the championship of the women's basketball. engineering versus nursing. too bad, the college of nursing won over engineering for 9 points, if i remember. they did not get a good game. grr. it was my first time to watch the game and yet, they lost the game. amp.

we went on the engineering job fair to apply for OJT. i had sent almost 20 resumes to different companies. how i wish one of them will contact me before march ends.

on my way home, i decided to buy a slice of red ribbon - supposed to be, it was tiramisu, kaso ubos na - and a stem of rose for my mom. too bad, wala pala sya sa bahay when i arrived. nasira tuloy ung momentum. haha.

and that was how my day went through. very usual, right?

i'm not a hypocrite to say that i don't envy girls who have boyfriends. ehe. pero i have to be contented because this is my choice. i know i don't need to have a boyfriend just to celebrate this day. being with my family and friends make it more worthy. :)

am i still willing to wait for my prince charming? OF COURSE! i know God has very good plans for my love life. i am sure of it. :]


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after several weeks of not posting even a single blog, at last, i am here again! :D

i was so tired yesterday but i still wasn't able to sleep early. after i got home from school and sta. lu, nakuha ko pang mag-internet at manood ng my sassy girl na nakatulugan ko naman. that was around 1:00am i think.

i woke up at 7:30am because of my mom's voice. nanggagala-iti na. i forgot to turn off my laptop. haha. she even mentioned it to my dad. pati ung tv kong pagkaliit-liit, nadamay sa usapan. dati daw tv lang ang naiiwan ko bukas, ngayon pati laptop. e di ang taas na naman daw ng kuryente namen. err. kahit medyo asar, i just went straight to the bathroom para maligo. magsisimba na lang ako ng 8:00am. pero sa totoo lang, dumirecho agad ako sa CR para iwas sermon. haha.

i came to the church about 10 minutes late. nagbabasa na ng gospel ung pari. buti na lang umabot pa ko kahit pano. ang bagal naman kase nung tricycle na nasakyan ko. sana nagmotor na lang ako.

nagtaka ko, bakit ang daming PNP's sa loob ng simbahan. nakareserve sa kanila ung 5-6 church benches. un pala, they go to different churches in marikina every first sunday of the month, at sa ola nga sila ngayon.

the sermon was about discrimination. hmm. nakwento lang nya kung paano sya pinakakawalan ng mga tao pag nalalaman na pari sya. even the policemen, and in the airports. what he was trying to say is, bakit kelan magkaron ng discrimination. bakit ung mayayaman kelangan nauuna sa mga mahihirap. ung mga may positions kelangan mauna sa mga ordinary. we are equally made by god. in god's eyes, pare-pareho tayo. dapat tayong mga taong ginawa lang nya, maging equal lang din ang tingin sa katulad nyang tao.

i learnt from it. i admit sometimes i discriminate people. siguro dahil sa impluwensya na rin ng community, ng environment. pero ngayon, naisip ko, dapat hindi ganun. dapat pantay-pantay.

well, after the mass, umuwi din ako agad. at least, i was able to concentrate fully dahil wala si physical therapist dun. but i actually was looking for him dun sa stage. maybe he was doing something to serve people. nah. looking for him around is part of my daily routine. and that's so crazy, i definitely know. you don't have to remind me.

ooh so busy me. a lot of quizzes, projects, documentations, presentations, campaign, election. hay. pero i love making myself busy. para siguro dun lang sa schoolworks mafocus ung utak ko at di na sa ibang bagay. amp. never mind.

ang hirap ng walang pera. haha. i have 1000 here for the whole week na. hindi na nga ako nagsshopping, hindi na ako nagmmall, pero hindi ko malaman kung bakit ganun kabilis maubos pera ko. haha. oh well, this is the life and i can never do anything to change it.

back to work!

i'm trying to find the right words for the article that i would like to make for tomweb. regarding the ESC elections. wish me luck!