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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

I can be reached everywhere.
YM. Plurk. E-mail. Facebook. Twitter. Friendster. Multiply. Tumblr.

say anything like you mean it.

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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11th evictee should be Wendy Valdez
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11th Eviction Night kanina. ilang beses akong nanalangin na sana si Wendy na lang ang natanggal. Pero bakit si Bruce pa. Iyak-iyak pa si Wendy. If I know, umiiyak sya hindi dahil naalis si Bruce, kundi dahil siya ang hindi natanggal.

Grabe. When I got to read one of the testimonials of people to one of Brendy fans account, I was shocked kung gaano kaayaw sa kanya ng mga tao.
PBB housemate, wendy.. the
Message: i think even if how hard we
to hide
our real “mukha” lalabas at
lalabas din
to. i know wendy from FEU (my school
the main reason why she
passed her
mascomm degree is because she ****ed
(sorry for the term)our
professor last
february. (this is true we have
pix and cams) inside the speech
laboratory all
schoolmates know this.
She said shes went to japan as a
it is true but she works in a
prostitute house there and is
$150 (pls convert to yen) a
night. Shes
had controversial issues in FEU
about her story because she
denied this
when called to explain herself
(kailangan ng FEU na mag background
check sa students for school image)
sabi ba naman niya “i went to
japan as
a cultural dancer” may cultural bang
inuuwi at binababoy ng mga customer?
(confidential files from 2005 feu)
IT is true that she is a good person
but trust me when i say this. she
should not deny the fact of
should not deny the fact of her
past so
she can gain advantage over other
people. SHe is NOT POOR. her last
boyfriend was a Japanese DOM
(62) named
Hakimoto Ikita who gave her more
than a
million pesos. After she got the
she enrolled herself AGAIN IN
FEU. this
was around 2003. and left her
lover to
rot in Japan.
while she was with the JAP guy.
she was
engaged sexually with my cousin T.H.
Morales. also a student in FEU.
they broke up. He caught wendy
in bed
with another DOM. It is sad to admit
that my cousin is a shabu addict
and so
is wendy.they have sessions with
and after they have loud sex
( i should
know my cousin lives next to me
i can
hear them).
I am not against wendy or
im happy that this might be her next
step to changing her bad ways of
people for money…i am just sad
that she
keeps on making herself
look “nakakaawa”
to other people on tv so
she can
get more votes. i just want her
to be
real and honest of who she is…she is
hiding from a beautiful face and
a sexy
body…all i want is her honesty.
I pity Bruce he seems to be a
nice guy
to fall for someone like wendy…i
you shes an evil genius. she has her
ways of convincing people to
like her…
through her lies and many faces.
i bet
after big brother and shes a
will never look at bruce the
same way
like shes trying to portray now.

i'm not asking you guys to hate her for posting this. gusto ko lang i-share. :P

hope you enjoyed. >:)


Mr. Bean Episodes
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Dati pa lang favorite ko na si Mr. Bean. Lahat ng episodes na mapanood ko, sumasakit tiyan ko kakatawa. Siguro dahil sa mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko. Hehe. Pero pag napapanood ko talaga kasi sya, natatawa talaga ko kahit na mainit ulo ko. Hehe. Try nyo panoorin tong ibang episodes na nilagay ko dito. I enjoy watching this. I hope you do, too.Ü


Mr. Bean Guide to Dating...

Mr. Bean Christmas...

Mr. Bean Rides the Train...


Story told at 16:54 // 0 person(s) left violent reaction(s).

Cute, isn't it?Ü

I love it.Ü

I want to go to the beach!!!


10th Eviction Night
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nung isang linggo pa lang, abang na abang na ko sa 10th eviction night. gusto ko na kasi maalis si Wendy SLUT. pero nagkamali ako.

7 housemates pa ang natira: bodie, gee-ann, mickey, nel, bea, bruce at syempre, wendy. ang apat na naging ligtas: bodie, gee-ann, bea at bruce. tatlo sa kanila. sinuspense pa. sus.

unang napasok sa kanilang tatlo? si mickey. okay lang. gusto ko nga sya makasali sa big 4 e. ang cool kasi. pero hindi ako nasiyahan sa mga susunod na pangyayare.

ang naiwan na lang e si nel at wendy. syempre, mawawala ba ung ngalngal ni wendy. e ang arte-arte nun. naku. kamalas-malasan, sa arte nyang un, si nel pa ang na-evict at siya ang naiwan. bad trip.

i want to share this forwarded message to you:
wendy doesn't deserve to be a part of PBB's big 4! why? simply because she's the perfect example of an evil-manipulative bitch! a backstabber! a drama queen! a liar! a great pretender! a mischievous hypocrite that shouldn't be supported! don't be fooled by her beauty and sluttish body because inside can be compared to a decaying nasty piece of shit!

sana sa 11th eviction night, siya na ang matanggal. :|


Class Secretary
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my classes start at one in the afternoon. and dahil tanghali na ang pasok ko, iI shouldn't be late. pPero ewan ko ba kung bakit tamad na tamad ako pumasok at almost 12 noon na e nasa bahay pa ako. argh.

CS103 ang first class ko nun. abnormal na prof e nagpaquiz kaagad. walang puso. ni hindi man lang nakisama sa amin -- mga me hangover pa sa bakasyon. haha. pero naisip ko rin naman, kung hindi pa nya ibibigay un, kailan pa? kapag bakasyon na ulit? tgsh. O_O

after nun e MATH111. si sir cabero. medyo late sya, infairness (minsan lang kasi mangyari un. punctual un e. haha.). pagdating nya, hindi naman pala kami maglelesson. kaya naman pala sya late. election of officers daw. tgsh. pahirapan na naman mag-isip kung sino iboboto. argh.

class president. maraming ninominate. si rex, si allyson, si hencie, at si angeli. pero ang nagwagi ay si angeli na walang kamalay-malay na marami palang boboto sa kanya. ayaw nya actually. hehe. pero wala na syang magagawa. tiwala na kami sa babae kesa sa lalaki. isa pa, si angeli, gusto lagi umuwi agad. haha. mabuti un. alis kami agad pag announce nya pag di dumating ang prof in 15 minutes. :)

class vice-president. kung sino ung mga hindi pinalad sa pagkapresidente, niluklok ng taong-classroom sa VP. pero si erwin baradas ang nanalo. ayaw nya rin.

class secretary. marami ring pinagpilian: arizia, leah, diana, ibang kalalakihan, at ako. nung magbotohan. isa-isa lang maliban sa amin ni diana. 10 si diana, 11 ako. alam kong nung elementary pa lang ako gusto ko na talaga maging class officer pero lagi akong bigo. ngayon, ayaw na ayaw ko naman. feeling ko kasi ang daming trabaho ng secretary. tapos umaattend pa un sa mga meetings ng MONDAY. hello?! monday?! e wala naman pasok nun! sayang pamasahe at pagod. argh. pero wala akong magagawa. ako ang binoto ng taong classroom -- kahit alam kong medyo napilitan lang sila.

class treasurer. walang iba kundi si joanne. ayaw na nila ke robin kahit me nagnominate pa. hehe.

class PRO. champ. haha. ayaw nya rin. pinaparecount pa nya. pero wala na silang magagawa. talagang malaki lamang nya. hehe.

hay. puro bagong mukha ang class officers maliban ke joanne. good luck naman sa 3CS-A. >_<


Mall Marathon!
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Our destinations:
LTO Cainta - for duplication of my "washed" temporary non-professional license
SM Megamall - to claim raffle tickets at Family First
Robinson's Place Metro East - to look for Aya's shoes
Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall - same reason as the above
Edong's Panciteria - to eat dinner

Funny? Haha.

Out-of-town Trip!
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Sa wakas, nakapag-out-of-town din kami. Pero hindi pa rin swimming. Argh. Pero ayos lang. Kung kelan naman patapos na ang summer. Haha.

Maaga kami umalis. 7. Haha. pero 6 ang usapan namin. Ayos talaga.

Nakatungtong na rin ako ng ibang lugar. Nagpunta kami sa Batangas -- sa Fantasy World. Hmm. Okay lang. Sandali lang kami dun. Parang nagpunta lang kami para magpicture. Haha. Medyo napabayaan na ung lugar. Tuwang-tuwa pa naman aku dahil makakaakyat ulit ako sa treehouse. Yun pala, sarado na. Ang harsh.

Pagkatapos namin dun, dumiretso na kami sa Tagaytay. Nagpicnic grove lang kami. Okay lang. Since me mga baon naman kami pagkain, malamang, nagpicnic kami dun. Aun. Tapos parang nagmoutaineering na rin kami ni Marc -- little brother ko. Ang tarik nung pinuntahan natin dun. ayun, hirap na hirap pa naman ako magpaputi, Umitim din ako. Argh. Pero okay lang. At least, kahit papaano, me nagawa naman ako bago magsimula ang pasukan.Ü

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Weeee! I have my own guitar na rin at last! Hindi na ako mahihirapan pag nagpapaturo ako kay Tope at sa kung sinumang kakilala ko.Ü

Galing pang Cebu, binili ng daddy ko yan para sa akin. Sweet noh?Ü

Sana marami na magturo sa akin. Lalo si Dadi.Ü


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Birthday ni Cezzarie Joy Ojeno ngayon! Weehee! Akala nya nakalimutan ko na birthday nya? Di noh.Ü


Nagkita kami ni Inah para punta sana kami kina Zarah.

Una, kinuha muna namin ung yearbook ni Inah sa OLOPSC. 4pm kami dumating Pero 5pm na kami natapos. Waa! Kukuha lang ng yearbook ang haba pa ng ipinila namin. Argh. Pero okay lang. At least, sa paghihintay naming un, nakita namin ang mga teachers naming naggagandahan at naggagwapuhan dati nung high school pa kami. Okay na rin.Ü

Tapos tumawag kami kina Zarah para i-confirm na pupunta nga kami. Naman. Andun pala sila ni Zaki kina Jhey-R. Argh. Kaya naman pala 3 days na hindi nagla-log in sa Friendster. Buti na lang tumawag kami. Kaya lang sayang ung dala naming cake...

Kaya minabuti naming pumunta na lang sa Starbucks' Blue Wave tulad ng laging nangyayari. Mga hanggang 6:30 lang kami dun tapos pumunta na kami dito sa bahay para mag-internet. Aun. Ganun lang.

Ngayon, hinihintay ko na lang si Daddy para matesting ko na ung binili nyang gitara para sa akin. Yes!Ü

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