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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

I can be reached everywhere.
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I'm currently listening to Real by Plumb.

I felt sad when I heard the news from my colleagues about the death of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, even though I'm not a big fan of him. Gahd, he was only 50. They said Cardiac Arrest was the reason. Uhm, it was sad because, like what Calai said, when he was alive, he was really misunderstood... Gahd, this was really shocking and I still can't believe. When I was in FX on my way to the office, I heard his song Ben played on the radio. I had no idea yet about what happened. When I surfed the net as I arrived at eTel, I saw his picture on the home page of the site I visited but I didn't bother to see or even read the caption. Tsk. I will surely remember him when I hear the songs Thriller and Billie Jean... Rest in peace, King of Pop. (August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

Well. Well. Well. Enough about the MJ thing. Let's talk about what happened to me today.

I planned to wake up early. Well, I just planned. Because I slept at 3AM, my eyes had no choice but to get some more sleep. I went out of bed at 10:40AM and took my lunch. I left home not relaxed. Maybe I could sense that this day was not going to be as less stressful as how the other Fridays turned out.

I have my locker na nga pala. Big enough for my biggest bag. Perfect. (^_^)

Scenarios for the first 2 hours of our 8-hour training. Took the assessment. Got our headset and amplifier. Ate ice cream from MiniStop. Listened to QA Rob's talk. Went to Ops. Cherished the unpaid overtime with stress and fear (and cardiac arrest, soon). Got home at around 1:15AM.

I am sleepy...

Yea, I'll be watching Transformers 2 tomorrow with my college berks at Trinoma. I'm excited to see them again. :)

There will be Post-Summer GA of my program in eTel. Yea. It will be held in Cristina Villas, Antipolo City. Departure from WCC will be at 8AM. Cristina Villas is like two rides from our house. But I prefer to go to Shaw so I could be with my friends going there. HAHAHA. Ang arti-arti.

I hope I could post a blog with sense. Tsk.

Hey you, get well soon...