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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

I can be reached everywhere.
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say anything like you mean it.

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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YouTube and Imeem Day
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Just got the "feeling" of visiting YouTube and imeem. Here are the results.

You Belong With Me

A very cute song by Taylor Swift. The first time I saw it (and heard of it) was on MYX. Loved the video. Hehe. :)

Lyrics? Just try to google it. :D

I Just Can't Stop Loving You

What I was supposed to post here is a video from YouTube. The audio was just too low that's why I just got it in imeem. Crap. 30-second preview. Err. Just click the "Play full song here" link. Haha. I really want you to hear this. (But I'm not tooo desperate. Just slight.) It's a better version than Michael Jackson's. Ooops. :D

Sooo in love... This song was performed by Gloria Estefan and James Ingram on Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Tribute Concert. Gahd, perfect match.


A total bum here.

Want to leave home. Again. Drained gas. Err. I want to have a real Mocha Frappuccino in Starbucks. I had one yesterday. For the purpose of saying it to my mom. :))

Had enough sleep last night. Got home at almost 1AM. Slept at 1:30AM. Woke up at 9AM. Now, how can I sleep later? Need to be in the office by 9:45PM. Tsk.

I love everything in Terranova. Really. I want to go back there! :D

On this day of your life, Angela, we believe God wants you to know...
... that you cannot wait anymore.

The moment has finally come. You have no choice. You have to take that step now. Now. Not tomorrow, not in an hour, - Now! If anyone else is reading this, they would be confused. But not you. You know exactly what we mean. Do it. Now.

-- God wants You to Know on Facebook [20AUG2009]

I wonder what that is. Got a lot of thoughts in mind... Which one will I consider?... Pft.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has been named the 44th most powerful woman in the world, according to Forbes magazine. Waw. That's so cool. :P I wish I could be one, too. Kahit pang-1000000000. :))))))

Bro. Mike Velarde, El Shaddai, wants to be a president. Boooooooooooooooo! Even if he waves his hand up high and prays a lot to God, if the big-time government officials will continue to steal money from us, there'll never be a chance that we'll get out of this "underdeveloped" image. "Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa," ika nga. And praying is not just what "gawa" means.

Web design project for Dreamworks Travel and Tours... coming soon! Wish me luck. :)

Live life to the fullest! Do what makes you happy! Consider other people, but consider yourself more. Intiende?

Have a great day ahead. :)