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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

I can be reached everywhere.
YM. Plurk. E-mail. Facebook. Twitter. Friendster. Multiply. Tumblr.

say anything like you mean it.

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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Woke up at 10AM. Dreamt of the iPod Classic. :)) And one cigarette pack I smoked for a day. OMG. Will I be a chain smoker in the future? :<
Surf the internet. Tabs open the whole day: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, ICSA05 Yahoo! Groups, Friendster, Peyups, my blog, Quotesbox and Plurk. ^^
Ate lunch. My mom's Pininyahan. One of my favorites.
Washed the dishes.
Took a bath. Body scrub. :D
Had a nap.
Had my fingernails and toenails done. Pedicure & manicure for the first time. 4 nails bled. Huhuhu.
Hair curled by my sister-in-law.

Acey be back to us by Saturday afternoon. Tsk.
Planned to go to SM Marikina to buy shoes for my graduation on Saturday but the rain poured. Amf.
Aaron Paul told me about the model screening through Friendster comment. I sent a message to the coach. The message was:
Amp. Lkas ng ulan.. Nsan payong m? Ingat ka pg-uwi.. L0veyou..
I sent a wrong message!!! That message was what I sent to my boyfriend. What I was really trying to send was the one I saved in my Drafts including my name, age and address. What a shame... :((

Bored. Bored. Bored.
That's my day today. Tomorrow will be our Orientation for the Solemn Investure. And the turnover party by Engineering COMELEC. So excited. Kaso uniform. Boooo, Sir AD!


*another BUM day*