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"From now on, everyday will be the most important day." Hi! The name is Angela. Born on 10191988; existing (and living) for 21 years (and counting). Only daughter. Graduate of UST BSCS '09. Currently working (and wasting my once productive life) in night shift to sustain her luxurious life. Plans to mature on February 2010. Addicted to Web. A licensed driver. In a relationship since 122108. Loves my circle of friends. Loves sweets. Sentimental. Slim, long-legged with fair complexion. Wants to edit her life. So help me God.

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Call Center
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This is the start of the new beginning.

A month had passed after being able to get what everybody at my age dreams - to march on the PICC stage wearing this long black toga gown with a hood and a cap.

That day, I didn't know what I would have felt. As the Rector of the University of Santo Tomas turned the tassel of my toga cap from left to right, I was glad, sad, excited, afraid - ooh so mixed. Glad - because at last, I had already completed this almost-two-decade stage of my life; sad - because I wouldn't be wearing my school uniform anymore; excited - because I could already enjoy real summer (that was what I thought, I am not enjoying it actually); and, afraid - because I didn't know where I would be going to work. If you would ask every graduating student during that ceremony, I know that they were feeling the same way.

A month had passed, I had submitted copies of my resume to different companies - IT, advertising and even BPO AKA call centers. Some asked for an interview, some asked me to take a pre-employment exam, some rejected because they couldn't accept entry-level applicants... a lot of alibis. I took almost every chance I could take. I had walk-ins, went to job fairs, joined career days, etc. I was pushed to do all these things because of three main reasons: (1) to have a job, (2) to earn money, and (3) get me out of this effin' boredom and make myself more productive.

Last Tuesday, as I was checking my jobsDB account, I saw this one company named eTelecare Global Solutions. They were looking for job seekers who want to apply for the position of Customer Sales Representative (CSR)and Technical Support Representative (TSR). I really didn't know what pushed me to click the company name which led me to its company site. Because of that, I got quite interested as I read about the company, the compensations and benefits I could get, the happenings... everything. I went to the Careers section and knew what the TSR does - and I knew I met the requirements. And, boom! IDK, the feeling was like seeing this cute dress in a boutique - I wouldn't leave the shop until I get that dress paid. Then, I saw myself filling up the online application form and clicking the Submit button. I had already applied for the position of Technical Support Representative in eTel.

The next day, I received a computer-generated text message from eTel saying that I could just walk-in and apply at their site in Libis. That was, I guess, their response to my online application. I thought of it a hundred times before I made up my mind. (I think I had a trauma after I wasn't able to meet the requirements in West Contacts Services where I was interviewed at 2:30AM and AEGIS PeopleSupport where I was caught by the Makati policemen for not following the traffic rules. I started to hate Makati. Tsss.)

Yesterday, I woke up at 8 but got out off bed by 9. My mom and I were arguing because of my "babagal-bagal" attitude. She even said I wouldn't be able to get a job If I would always be like that. Then I moved in a fast-paced manner. I left without saying "Bye". A very good child. Haha.

I was there by 11. In all fairness, there was no heavy traffic at that time. The site is in 2/F CyberOne Building in Eastwood City, Libis. Quite near from my place huh? I gave my resume to the lady guard, met new people (Rain the Tibo, Hener the Gay and Alex the Feeling-close. HAHAHA. Bad me.) and waited until 2:30 for my initial interview. It was conducted by an angel sent from heaven Miguel. He was worth the wait. Hahaha. He's cute, handsome and very charming, though he was kind of short. Hehe. Well, the interview went well; it was just about my personal and educational background and some stuff. I had this "I don't feel any pressure right now" feeling with him. Credits to Janina San Miguel. HAHAHA. It lasted for only about 5-10 minutes. Really short, aaaaay. He said I could take a break first then be back by exactly 4 for the next recruiting process - the exam. So I decided to have my Lasagna lunch-merienda with Alex in Ministop at the ground floor, same building.

At exactly 4, I was there at the Testing Area, just the opposite side of the Receiving Area. We were about 14 to take the exam. I was beside Sashua (said Kristine, it was actually Joshua, haha) and another girl (I forgot to ask her name). There were 3 sets of exam: (1) a paragraph with some parts removed, you just have to choose the appropriate answer on the given choices at the bottom part of the paper, (2) there are 4 scenes with dialogues, you have to fill in the blanks with the appropriate word, only one word; and, (3) a conversation will be played and 7 questions will need to be answered. In set (1), 4 people were eliminated including Sashua, I mean, Joshua. In set (2), 4 were eliminated. In set (3), only the 6 of us remained. Yesss! (I prayed to different saints every after set that my name would not be called.) After the 3 sets, we answered again online assessments for more than 45 minutes. Then, we went back to the Receiving Area for another interview.

The second interview was conducted by Gale (or Gail). She was nice just like Miguel. I sooo admire her, she really speaks well, though quite fast. And she looks smart. she asked some questions regarding my career plans, etc. She also discussed to me the LPET (the training program). It lasted for around 10-20 minutes then she endorsed me for the next recruiting process. It was really fulfilling; I always fail during the interviews after the exam because of my bullshit answers. This time, I got it right. :) She scheduled me for an online proctored test but she told me not to get it today because it was quite late when we had the interview. She gave me a sticky note. Then I left with PJ who was there waiting for me outside the area since my second interview started.

We had our dinner in Tokyo Tokyo. Had an oreo-hot-fudge-sundae-and-large-fries trip at McDonald's. I am happy with him. I don't know why I'm making everything oooh sooo complicated. :/

Today. Happens. To. Be. The. Judgement. Day. My test schedule was at 11. I was there by 10:30. I wasted the 30 minutes left trying to wear my contact lenses. I ended up not wearing them. Err.

The recruiting officer who accompanied me was Bambi. A tall, skinny lady who loves wearing high wedges. She looked masungit but she's not. She was nice and approachable. She just gave some instructions then left me. I kept on thinking why it was called "online proctored test".

The test was composed of the following: phone simulation, tables and follow-up questions, giving directions and radio-button stuff to check my personality again. There were some items there when you really had no choice but to put your best foot forward. Haha. Oh well... I finished everything past 12.

Went back to the Receiving Area. I waited until 12:50. Elvin asked me to have my lunch first and be back after one hour. It was raining. I had my lunch in McDonald's (ewww) alone. Too bad the Globe's server was down that's why my phone had no signal. Poor Globe.

Back by 1:35. Then waited again until past 4 for the interview. Imagine how long I waited. There were no music, only the employees' talks and giggles. No wonder they're able to get that kind of job. Hehe.

I thought it was only Elvin who would interview me. When I went inside the small room, I saw that Kristine was there, too. It was because Elvin would be evaluated. Haha. Still, she served as another pressure. The questions were all about situations or instances that happened during my OJT and college days. Haaay. I couldn't almost remember everything. And he let me do the telemarketing as . Gahd, I hate it. He asked me to think of a product and sell it to him as if he were the customer. I chose car. Damn, I wished I just chose bag. Haha. At the back of my mind, I was thinking, "Why am I doing this? I'm applying for the position of TSR, not CSR!" Haha. The interview ended there.

After waiting again for another few minutes, Elvin called me. I knew that was the final interview when he congratulated me for passing the entire recruiting process and handed me the training contract. Yea! I passed! I couldn't believe. I just thought that they were motivated to buy the car I was selling when I told them that there was a television set inside the car. HAHAHA! :))

I left the area with a really big smile on my face. Just on my face, not in my heart. Hehe...

A call centre or call center is a centralised office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. A call centre is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. (Wikipedia)
When I was in college, I said that I never want to see myself working for a call center after losing all of my brain cells when I took up BS Computer Science. We, BSCS students, are stereotyped. Some say when we graduate from this course, we'll end up being call center agents. It is during this time I believe in the saying that everything changes. For a short period of time, I was able to know how it feels to be a bum - gising, kain, internet, gala, tambay, tulog, repeat. When I was very busy with a lot of school projects, I really wanted to graduate so that I wouldn't be suffering from severe headache due to sleepless nights anymore. Now, I wish I could just be a student again. Since I had no choice but to face the reality, I tried my luck. And I was lucky I got the slot.

Facing the real world is the biggest challenge I have ever taken in my life, so far. I admit that I am afraid I might not easily be able to get a job that fits the college degree I graduated from because of this very tight competition in my industry. I realize that some time in your life, you need to consider some more important things rather than just focusing on what is present. Living in this life doesn't always mean that you have to be very obedient, sometimes you have to break some rules, too. Rules which you think can help you grow and become a much better person in the future. And you have to be practical, too. Specially at this moment wherein the whole world has been suffering from economic crisis. You have to think of ways which can make you more productive than just staying at home, doing nothing. But then, you should also be doing things which you can find yourself enjoying it. And you have to do things because you are happy to do it, not because other people will be happy if you will do it. After all, it's you, yourself, who's going to take all the benefits, not other people. Try something new. Take risks. Grab the opportunities. Life revolves. "Don't just make a living, make a difference," said Teng's dad if I'm not mistaken. :P

In three weeks time, I will be a part of the bandwagon. I will be taking calls from US, which means I'll be taking the graveyard shift. Sleeping through the day, working through the night. That's another big challenge. Having sleepless nights during my last 2 semesters in college was an advantage. Haha. I'll be encountering irrate clients which I will be able to test my patience. I have a 6-month bond with eTel. I have no plans of paying 40,000Php if I quit. Haha. Anyway, I have already signed the training contract, I can't step back anymore. :))

Wish me luck. Be happy for me. (The hell I care to those who are not happy for me.)